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Brothers, Pray for Us

Missionary appointees Mark and Bekah Perry write in their April update some good reminders about prayer.

Continue steadfastly in prayer.

Missionaries are always asking for prayer. We are no exception: we always ask the churches where we minister to pray for us. We have prayer cards, refrigerator magnets, wrist bands, a website and Facebook page, and this prayer letter to help believers remember to pray for us. And we are not just saying that: we need your prayers! But how should we pray for missionaries?

Pray according to God’s will.

We can pray with confidence when we ask according to God’s will (1 John 5:14–15), and when we pray scriptural prayers, we know we are praying according to God’s will. First, we ask you to pray that God will use every circumstance he ordains in our lives to make us more like Jesus. Romans 8:28–29 says that God works every thing in our lives for our good, and specifically, to conform us to the image of his Son.  So our prayer request is that even more than raising support or traveling safely, we want God to change us to be more like Jesus Christ.

Second, we ask you to pray that God will use us to serve Jesus’ church. We often feel weak and inadequate, but we trust God to use our “watering” efforts to and make his church grow (1 Cor 3:6–7). We know that God delights to use weak vessels because then his power and glory are magnified (2 Cor 4:7).

Third, we ask you to pray that God will open our eyes and hearts to spiritual needs around us. We don’t just want to see the Water of Life flow to the deserts of northern Chile, but also to the thirsty souls around us (John 4:13–14). We want God to enable us to see the people we encounter and talk with as image bearers who need to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ (2 Cor 5:20–21).

Finally, we ask you to pray that God will provide churches and individuals to partner with us. We don’t just desire people or churches who will write checks—we hope they will see us as members of the same team. We want them to realize that what we desire to do in Chile is obeying the same commission that Jesus has given us here!

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Tornado in Uruguay

Last night there was a tornado near Missionaries Mariano and Becky Proto. As a result, four people lost their lives in Dolores and there was much flooding in Carmelo. The Protos ask for prayer for those that are hurting and wisdom to know how to best show the love of Christ to the people of those communities. This kind of event is unprecedented in Uruguay.




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Thank you Canadian Work Team!

From March 27 to April 6, a work team from Canada helped advance some important projects at the GMSA camp in Pirque, Chile, just outside of the capital city of Santiago. Missionaries Dan and Becca Vallette are overseeing the work there.

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Local Church in La Serena

Also in Chile’s north section, La Serena is home to a U.C.B. church. Here’s what the building looks like:


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Sindempart Church Buildings Taking Shape

Following are photos as of mid-March from the church and parsonage buildings. For both projects, pray that the local church will get involved with “all hands on deck.” The church designated $2000 for the parsonage. Some of it is pre-fabricated. It is built on an iron post framework that will strengthen it for an earthquake and give space below for a garage or extra meeting space.

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Coutos: Thanks for your Ministry!


Bruno and Audrey Couto and family finished their ministry in Uruguay in mid March at Camp Paysandu. We want to say thanks to them for their ministry in extending the gospel to the needy land of Uruguay.

May God bless you in your future ministry!

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Prayer for Dan Burkholder

Our GMSA Canada representative, Dan Burkholder, suffered a heart attack on Resurrection Sunday. Please pray for strength and recovery, and for his wife Margaret.


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Working in the Kitchen!

A work team from Canada is advancing the much-needed new kitchen expansion for the Lican Ray Camp in southern Chile.

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Marshalls February 2016 Update


Ephesians 3:20-21 (NKJV) 20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Argentina missionary appointees Dathan and Allison Marshall wrote at the end of February:

“Thank you all for your prayers and support!  Each one of you is a special blessing and encouragement to us and our ministry for God.  As we endeavor to reach the mission field of Argentina, we hold onto the truth that GOD IS ABLE, able to accomplish His will and His work through His power in our lives.  Do you remember how God fulfilled His promises to Israel, specifically in the book of Joshua?  The tasks that God had commanded for Joshua and the nation of Israel to follow seemed humanly impossible and required faith and obedience.  In fact, what God was asking Joshua and the nation of Israel to do was impossible.  But, God was in their midst, and He fought the battles for them and gave them victory.

“Although we are not fighting physical battles like Joshua did, our lives depend on the same God (who is ABLE) to conquer the enemy, accomplish His work, and gain the victory! We cannot save people and send them to heaven, we cannot restore life to the dead, we cannot plant churches and ministries, we cannot create something out of nothing, and we cannot atone or compensate for our own sins, BUT GOD CAN!  The tasks that He has asked and called us to pursue can only be accomplished by God, because they are impossible for man to do himself.  We simply must be willing, by faith and obedience to His Word, to follow His commands and humbly trust in Him who is ABLE to accomplish the work.”

Contact the Marshalls if you would like to know more of their prayer requests and praises.

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Work in Santiago and Camp Pirque, Chile

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We want to express our thanks for the Pennsylvania “work team” that recently served at Pirque Camp with missionary Dan Vallette. Above you can see a photo gallery of the projects that the team work on this last week.  A work team from Canada is to arrive this week to continue work at Camp Pirque and Camp Lican Ray.

The photos include pictures of work on the soccer field and irrigation system for the soccer field; the mission house; and other facilities at camp.

Dan writes, “We are looking forward to moving in to the ‘new’ house soon. There are still some details to work on, but the two bathrooms upstairs are finished, the kitchen should be done this week, next is the stairs and the doors in the back facing the patio.”

“We praise the Lord for the opportunity to host our first North American work trip from Hawk Mountain, PA.  It’s the first work trip this church has done outside the States.  We are very thankful for all that was accomplished during their stay here in Chile.  We are looking forward to more work teams coming down this year to further our vision for Christ-centered Bible camps.”