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UCB Conference and Upcoming Missionary Conference

UCB Conference at Lican Ray, Chile

This past week, those attending the annual UCB meetings in Lican Ray, Chile, received sound Bible teaching, good fellowship and made Spirit led decisions for advancing the Lord’s work in Chile.  Continue to pray for much wisdom for those in leadership.  

Please also pray for the General Council meetings that start there on the 20th and for the Annual Missionary Conference, which begins the 23rd, Lord willing, at the Lican Ray Camp. Many missionaries and speakers will be traveling.

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More Advances at Pirque December 2016 Edition

A huge amount of work has been accomplished at Camp Pirque (Santiago, Chile) in the past month. The stone wall behind the stage in the main building was a combined effort by a Canadian work team and a family from Pennsylvania. Many thanks to them for their hard labor. Many of the pictures below show the sequence of construction of that stone wall.

Let us know if you are interested in participating in a work team or short term trip to one of the GMSA camps in South America. You too can be part of building a facility that is being used to reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Other projects pictured above  include benches for the retaining wall surrounding the soccer field and swimming pool; the frame for the pump house; cages for the front wall columns and continuation of the wall around the pool; fixed the wooden bridge connecting the sand volleyball court with the old soccer field; and painting of the metal frames that are going to be used for fences around the pool and the front wall.

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Carmelo Answers TV

This article is about a unique outreach opportunity in Uruguay created by missionary Mariano Proto and his co-worker Pablo DeGodos. Mariano writes:

Back in April after our arrival as missionaries church planters in Carmelo Uruguay, our desire was to begin to get involved in our community right away by providing a tool that will help us to get in touch quicker with people, as well a tool to help people to realize their spiritual need for Christ. So we created Carmelo Responde (Carmelo Answers) Podcast. Carmelo Responde tries to provide answers to issues of life such depression, stress, anxiety, suicide, moral and emotional abuse, fear, etc. through the lens of the sufficiency and authority of scriptures for all matters of life. (2 Pet 1:3).

So with the tools that we had at hand we created a fan page on Facebook where people can follow and listen to 10 minute audio recordings about these topics. This permitted us to make contacts with people who “liked” our page or asked any questions. Our goal then is to be able to meet them on a more personal level by seeing them face to face. This model has been used successfully in other places around the world with radio ministry, and we wanted to see how God could use it here.

We were unsure how the Lord could use this idea to reach people in our town, but when we met Sebastian, the owner of Carmelo Portal, we came across an even better way to reach people. Carmelo Portal is a Facebook channel with more than 10,000 followers via Facebook in our community. I asked Sebastian for some tips on how to promote our fan page and be more visible in our community, He suggested that we broadcast a live program to the community through his Carmelo Portal page where we could get access to more people in the community. I thought that was an excellent idea, but it wasn’t free. He asked $142 dollars monthly to broadcast four programs a month. In that time, we could use a portion of time on live “TV” to talk about whatever topics we desired.

The Lord provided through an individual here in Uruguay $500 so that we could do this program until the end of December.

Now we have about 700 “followers” from Carmelo and also other Latin American countries. We are trying to visit as many of the local people as we can, and to give them a little Christmas gift of food, a tract, and a Bible or New Testament. We are praying God will supply our needs to make this possible so that we can focus the people we meet on the real meaning of Christmas. (In Uruguay, Christmas is “family day” and has no official connection to Jesus Christ.)

By God’s grace, we want to generate contacts that will form the future core group of a new local church in Carmelo, Uruguay. Carmelo Answers TV is one tool that we are using to accomplish that. We want to share the Scriptures to provide answers to people who are in real need, and then invite them to our Bible studies as we begin public services next year.

  • Would you pray that God will help us to run the program through 2017?
  • Would you pray that God will help us to make face-to-face contact with the people watching the program?
  • Would you pray every Monday at 7:30 eastern time that God will give us contacts through the TV program as well as other means so that we can see them added to the church?

Mariano Proto
WhatsApp +598-91434355
Watch us live until Dec 26 via FACEBOOK on CARMELO PORTAL or our FAN PAGE: CARMELO RESPONDE

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Canada at Work: Lican Ray Camp

A work team from Canada is busy at Camp Lican Ray in Chile. Thanks to you all for your travel, effort, and investment in the Lord’s work in South America!





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Fear God, Not Man


Missionaries Dathan and Allison Marshall write in their monthly update:

Job 1:1 – “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil.”

There is a quote which says, “Men love everything but righteousness and fear everything but God.”  In the Bible verse above, Job is described as a man who feared God, which resulted in him developing good character.  In general, there are two specific results of fearing God in our lives:  loving that which is good and righteous, AND hating that which is sinful and evil.  Today, we are living in the dispensation of grace, in which we are not under control of the Law of Moses, but are now under the administration of the grace of God.  This period of time (dispensation) began for all of mankind thanks to God’s grace towards us in sending His one and only Son to shed His blood on a cross as the atonement (payment) for our sins. We were unable to keep and follow the Law of Moses.  Therefore, we are now under the administration of God’s grace, which is God’s unmerited favor to mankind.  This grace is a gift from God and is sufficient for salvation of all people, even though we all have disobeyed God’s law and have fallen short of His holy standards.

But here is the dilemma…because grace is freely given by God, often times we do not fear God the way that we should.  There is something powerful about fear that will cause us to consider our actions, our thoughts, and our words.  For example, you might be struggling with a specific sinful addiction, such as greed, lust, evil speech, gluttony, anger, etc., and you may be tempted to think that you are ‘getting away’ with your sin and that God will always forgive you each time by His grace.  While the latter part of that statement is true (God’s grace towards us when we confess and repent), our sin does not happen without being seen by God or going without due punishment.  Now, imagine that you have a camera watching you every second of every day…would that change what you do?  Isn’t that why stores and parking lots have cameras…to prevent wrong actions by providing accountability?  God IS watching, and God clearly has anger towards sin and evildoing (Romans 1:18).  Job, an upright and blameless man, feared God…and the result…he shunned evil.  Today, are you fearing the living God?  Matthew 10:28 says, “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”  We must fear God to guard our thoughts, our heart’s desires, our words, and our actions, so that we might not sin, but instead bring honor and glory to a holy and righteous God.

Please join us in praising God for His provision and His people, who have been excellent hosts during our travels and have blessed us with love and prayer. Please pray for some additional needs that we have to be fulfilled, preparations including paperwork, and our family as we recently experienced the homegoing of our grandfather, who was a godly man.

In Christ,

Dathan and Allison Marshall

The above is a synopsis of their November update. To read the entire text, please visit http://marshallmissions.blogspot.com/.


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A Funeral in Chile

Missionary David Flinck shared a brief message from James 4 at a funeral this afternoon. He reminded the attendees that life is like a vapor–here for a moment and quickly gone. The casket was put into the ground instead of in the common cement niches that most people use.

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While this is not the most encouraging or happy thing we could post on the blog, it does serve to remind us of our own mortality (Ecclesiastes 7:2-4), and to educate us about funeral practices in Chile.

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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

1 Cor. 3:11 ”For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Foundations are critical to any structure, cause, belief or any other thing which comes as the result of a building process. Everything is built on something. This was illustrated for me again as I passed a construction site recently. In past months this area had been a corn field. Now the field has been plowed and the land has been surveyed and excavated. New contours of the land have been established to facilitate a proper flow for sewage and water. Ditches have been dug to put in plumbing and electricity in preparation for homes. Roads have been staked and base has been laid to make way for roads. Months of “foundation” work will have been done before the first house goes up. The foundations built now, then, are critical to the development of good and solid construction later.

We see application for that on several levels. First, concerning our relationship with God; our relationship with Him is solidly founded on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we have no foundation for a relationship with God. Second, on that same foundation rests the progress of our sanctification. Our life of faith begins with Christ and continues on that basis until we are like Him. Third, all of our ministry in local churches and ministries abroad, are established on the foundation of Christ. It is upon that foundation which we endeavor to build with “gold, silver and precious stones.”

In our ministry to Argentina we see foundations being established on other related levels. In order to be sustained on the field, we share our ministry with local churches and trust God to give us ministry partners who will “hold the ropes” for us in prayer and financial support. This work is almost complete in our case as we have finished our pre-field work until next summer. This January we will head to Texas in order to attend language school where yet another foundation is laid in Spanish language acquisition. While these two critical foundations are being laid, it is also vital that a solid foundation be set for the future Seminary. Core curriculum, library, funds and facilities are being worked on to prepare for students who will be trained (and more foundations laid) to work in the fields of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and beyond.

These are slow, long and critical processes that must be patiently endured if we wish to see solid ministry “structures” built that will adequately testify of Christ, our foundation.

We are encouraged by your patient, faithful support and encouragement as we continue to lay the proper groundwork for the future.

Paz y Bendiciones,
Dave and Patti West

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Duartes Back in Uruguay


The Duarte family has returned to Uruguay for another term of service. Sergio is overseeing and participating in the second block course of this year for the Pastoral Program of FEBU (Bible College). Over 20 pastors and leaders are meeting this week to receive teaching on the important subject of Pastoral Theology.  Sergio also shares the responsibility of translating for the classes.  Pray for wisdom and strength for the teacher and the students. What a blessing and privilege it is to have a small part in this exciting ministry of preparing servants for service. Pray too for the coming weeks in which there is planned a wedding and many discipleship opportunities.

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Visit to Antofagasta

Some leaders of the association of Bible Centers in Chile visited Antofagasta in early November. Here are some pictures:

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If you would like to visit Antofagasta, please contact missionaries David and Kristi Flinck!

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Camp Lican-Ray Development Update

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Missionaries Dan and Liz Thompson write an update about the property development efforts at the Christian camp Lican Ray in Chile:

We are very thankful for how the Lord has provided above and beyond for the new kitchen. It is functioning and will be fully furnished by summer. We are working on completing the two staff rooms next to the kitchen. They will also be ready for use this summer.

We also give thanks to the Lord for his supply of financing that will enable us to redo most if not all of our aging electrical grid.  Lord willing, this weekend we will be starting the installation of new meters and distributions panels.  A young man from Temuco, currently finishing his electrical engineering degree has agreed to help plan the new grid. He was also able to get us a great contact for purchasing the materials saving us about 50% which will allow us to do more than expected.  The end goal is a safer, cleaner looking camp.  Pray for Emanuel and his wife Rocio. We are thankful for the impact God’s Word has had in their lives through Camp ministry and for their willingness to invest back into the camping ministry.

After the events at our northern camp last summer, the camp ministry has been working with the UCB’s lawyer in an effort to function in accordance with the ever changing national laws and tendencies.  One of the major flaws we have is the lack of control of the ins and outs on our premises.  In order to better the welcome and security of camp, we are rerouting the main road onto camp.  It will now be directed toward an existing cabin that will be transformed into the camp office/welcome center. We are hoping that the soon to come Canadian team will tackle the cabin remodel project.  Here are a few pictures of the changes.

During the kitchen remodel a Temuco Church sent two teams to be part of the project.  They are now committed to help us finish our rec-hall.  The main structure has been up a couple years now, but it is not enclosed.  They are hoping to come the first weekend in December and get the bulk of the project done. We were also encouraged last weekend as a Church in Chillan committed to annually send a group of men to work on camp.  Please pray for continued partnership from the Churches.

There are more future projects but that will wait for another email.  Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership.

Our goal is to see many come and be able to say these words:

Philippians 3:8 “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

Serving Him,
Dan & Liz Thompson