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More About ABC’s Work at Pirque

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Dave Holloway, (former Camp Director of High Point Camp, in Pennsylvania) current Camp Director of Alpine Ministries (associated with Appalachian Bible Collage) led the team. He brought four college students from ABC. He was also accompanied by Seth and Shannon Hoffman, current Camp Director of Kanesatake, and Bruno Couto (former Camp Director of Paysandu Camp) current High Point Camp staff member.

They arrived on Saturday morning and did some sight-seeing until the afternoon. At night they flew south to Temuco. They arrived late on Saturday night at Lican Ray Camp, where Danny Thompson currently directs. After ministering on Sunday, they were ready to do some work on the camp property. On Tuesday they returned to Santiago and spent the rest of the time at Camp Pirque till Sunday night when they left to go back the States.

We are thankful for the work team that helped with some projects. The goal was to complete several of the low rope course elements to incorporate them into our camp program. We are thankful for the experience that this team brought to make the low rope course elements a reality.

There was some cementing of posts done ahead of time so the work team could focus on the finishing part of the elements. During their short time in Pirque, they where able to finish 7 low rope course elements, advance the rock columns in the pool area, complete 5 benches to hang later once the post are put in place and clean the missionary warehouse. They brought down with them a nine square in the air set and other supplies for games.

We are grateful for the the testimony of the young men and woman that came. They displayed a willingness to work hard with a great attitude and wonderful Christian character. They were a great example to our kids of what a young person who loves God and wants to follow him should look like. Thank you Jansen, Luke, Phoebe and Katie.

Seth and Shannon were wonderful during their time with us. Shannon came down to Uruguay with the Northland woman’s soccer team, when we were there, many years ago. It was great to reconnect with her and get to know Seth better.

Bruno is always an encouragement to me personally. I love to bounce ideas around with him to see what we come up with. He helped us to (hopefully) extend the internet to the guest house in the back.

Dave brings many years of experience and is a great resource of ideas of what to do and what not to do.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and the camp ministry here in Pirque as we serve.

Serving Him,

Dan Vallette

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Appalachian Bible College Work Team at Camp Pirque

Missionary Dan Vallette reports:

We’re thankful for the ABC work team that came down to help in Camp Pirque recently. During the time that they where here they were able to finish seven low ropes course activities. They also advanced the camp in the completion of several rock columns around the pool area and the building of future bench swings.

What a blessing to see so many volunteers investing their strength and talents in the Lord’s work.

Thank you for your prayers for the camp!

Serving Him,

Dan Vallette

(An earlier edition of this article named the wrong person as the work team leader.)

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Morrell Update March 2017

Dear Senders,
    Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us.  This past month we have been on the run. Beginning with family camp the first part of January, Conference in Chile the last part of the month and when we got back we left for Teen Camp the first week in February.
    There were aproximately 60 teens.  The phrase that we kept hearing throughout the week was “If he had chosen differently.” We looked at the kings of Israel and the poor choices that the had made and used the proverbs as application for making wise choices in life. Please pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the young people to make wise choices. James helped with the cleaning crew and with organizing the games.  His days were very full, but, he was able to squeeze in a a few soccer games.  I especially enjoyed watching him play.  🙂
    This time coming home we brought back with us supplies for the men’s retreat in May.  With the completion of the first cabin complex (large enough for 60 people) getting closer, we decided to schedule the retreat with the anticipation that God is going to allow us to complete it. It’s exciting to begin the transition to use our own facility verses renting one.  Pray that the cabins will be ready for the Men’s retreat in May!
        Part of the preparations for camp starting and the first event being the Men’s retreat we will be needing to purchase some items for the kitchen and housing.  Please pray that we will find what we need to outfit the kitchen for cooking/serving and bedding.
     This spring we will be welcoming several who are coming to serve at camp for a time to help complete the first cabin complex and make beds to fill them.  Pray for safety in travels and for their preparations.  
    This week we have been ministering to young people in our church through the VBS ministry (yes…VBS, it is summer here!) The Theme is The Kingdom of God. Please pray for the young people as they learn from God’s Word and His love. Also please be in prayer Friday night as we have invited all the parents to come and participate also.
    Thank you for your part in the ministry here in Argentina.  We trust that the Lord will bless you as you faithfully serve Him where you are.
Resting in Christ,
James and Donelle Morrell
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Let the Children Come

We just learned that 17 children professed faith in Christ at the kids camp last week at camp in Paysandu, Uruguay. And now we have obtained some pictures courtesy of Missionary Sergio Duarte.

May the Lord keep these young people faithful to Him, and may some reach the Bible Institute and train for the ministry of the Gospel. This is what Scripture tells us to do: the things we learn about Christ we are to commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).

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Thankful for West Hampden Baptist Church

Missionary Mariano Proto writes that West Hampden Baptist Church has been a great help to the church planting ministry in Carmelo, Uruguay. They accomplished a lot of work in just a few days. Please pray for some who are traveling back home right now; others are staying to do more work elsewhere in South America.

The ministry has found a place to meet and is in the process of fixing it up. See some pictures of it below.

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Update: 2017 Work Trips

Just in: An updated flier on the 2017 work trips planned for October/November to Christian camps in Chivilcoy Argentina and Santiago, Chile. Read here for more details on the trips. And check here for more about GMSA’s Christian camps. Contact us through the website or the email addresses published in the flier if you are interested in going!

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Work Trips for 2017 Have Been Scheduled

Are you interested in advancing the work of Christian camp ministries in South America? In October 2017 we have two trips planned for work in Chivilcoy, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. Please visit our website for more details or to contact us. This information is subject to slight changes, so stay tuned!

GMSA missionaries and church partners from South and North America as well as the United Kingdom have made great progress in the last year on our camp facilities. A new soccer field and new buildings to accommodate campers are among the improvements. But there is more that can be done! We would love to have you partner with us to make some more projects happen. Check out some of what has been done in the pictures below.

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Photos from the 2017 Missions Conference

Here are a few pictures of the GMSA family meeting for preaching, fellowship, and business at the end of January.

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2017 International Missionary Conference

The Lord answered our prayers with a very profitable Annual International Missionary Conference held at Lican Ray Bible Camp in southern Chile last week. Pastor Jason Ormiston who teaches at BJU was our main speaker and Pastor Bill Hixson spoke the last three days. Both were accompanied by family members who also participated in the meetings.

Please continue to pray for a very fruitful year of ministry in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for His name sake.

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Wests Dunked into Language School

Dear Beloved Prayer Partners,

What encouragement it brings to us to know that you care about us and pray for us.  When we are going through a particularly difficult stretch we are helped tremendously at the thought of your ministry of prayer and support on our behalf.

We have been here in Texas now for a little over three weeks. We have settled into our new living quarters and have everything set up. We have begun getting to know the other missionaries in the language school as well as the college students who come from all over Latin America. We have had three weeks of classes with the first one being mostly introductions and just getting acquainted with the semester’s coming attractions. The last two weeks have been all about the process of learning to speak Spanish. The method of learning Spanish at the Rio Grande Bible College is called “immersion.”

Webster defines immersion thus: “To sink or push (something) briefly into or as if into a liquid.”

In the list of synonyms and related words, such terms as douse, dunk, submerge, drench and drown are used. Let me highlight one of those words – DROWN! We have had a few moments in these past couple of weeks when we were not sure if we were being “dunked” or “drowned.” The difference sometimes seems minimal. Our grammar class is half in Spanish and half in English. Phonetics lab and Conversation class are mostly Spanish (some English in lab). Our tutor time is “no English.” Chapel and Church services on Sunday are also in Spanish. It is wonderful, it is delightful, it is challenging and, at times, it is frightening! But it is the perfect environment to learn Spanish.

We are so glad we are here. It is basically the last thing we do before we head to Argentina (as long as the rest of our full support comes in this year). As we go through the challenges here, we remember your prayers for us and we are encouraged. We love you and count our partnership with you a great privilege and blessing. As you pray for us we also pray for you, that you would know the presence of God in your lives and ministry. We pray that you would see fruit in your labors for Him and that He would bless you.

Your Fellowservants,
Dave and Patti West