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Work Team In Argentina Right Now

A large work team has arrived in Argentina to advance the Bible camp near Chivilcoy. Please pray daily as they prepare camp for ministry in 2016.


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Where in the World are the Marshalls?


It has been a while since we featured Dathan and Allison Marshall on the Sentinel. The editor of this blog caught up with them in June and through their recent prayer letters.

Tell us about this past year. We have been on deputation for the past year. Deputation is a ministry of preaching the gospel, presenting God’s call for us to go to Argentina, encouraging and edifying pastors and church leadership, engaging with church body, worshiping with them, and seeking to build relationships for praying and financial partners for ministry.

How many churches have you been in? About 25.

What are your biggest challenges? Traveling and being away from our home church presents a challenge because we cannot stay as connected with our peers in the church since we are out at many other churches.

Why are you going to Argentina? Our goal as a mission is to glorify God by planting churches in or near Chivilcoy, Argentina. So our first goal is church planting, discipleship, and establishing the church. To do this, we plan to help train leaders in the BA area and around the Chivilcoy camp.

What are you doing right now? We have been in language school since August, and expect to be here until May 2016. We will study for two semesters at Rio Grande Bible Institute to learn as much as we can about the Spanish language.

What are your prayer requests? That we would do well in language school; for safe travel, for health (Dathan has type I juvenile diabetes). Our deputation will not stop while we are at language school because we are concerned for the salvation of souls here too. Pray also for meetings for 2016, more prayer partners, etc. Long days of travel may mean high blood sugar for Dathan who is insulin dependent. Please pray that we would be disciplined to study hard and that we would understand and grow in the Spanish language!

How have you changed this past year? We both have grown a lot from this the last year; we have grown closer to each other, we have a closer walk with God; we are learning to be content while in ministry now, instead of being impatient or anxious to be in Argentina. We have learned that ministry starts now, not in the future.

How are things in Argentina right now? The camp in Chivilcoy, Argentina, has had several major improvements since our April newsletter, including: gravel being laid on the camp dirt road to help access during rainy weather, new stainless steel kitchen appliances, cement poured around buildings, and the putting up of steel structures for the new cabin.

Pray with the Marshalls as they continue their journey of faith in world missions. Remember with them that God sent His Son into the world, not to condemn it, but to save it; and He is pleased to allow us to serve Him in the Great Commission. John 3:17 and Matthew 28:18-20.


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Gracias Por Sus Oraciones – Thank You For Your Prayers


Missionaries Sergio and Andrea Duarte write in their September 2015 update:

Pastors, church family and friends: June 26, 1996 we arrived to Uruguay with all of our belongings and eager hearts to serve the Lord in this land. Now, 19 years have gone by, and we thank God for the many lessons He has taught us during these years, for our personal growth in trusting in Him, for the souls that came to Jesus, and for the privilege to serve Him.

All along you have been co-laboring with us through your prayers, through your giving, and some of you serving first hand in Uruguay. We are so grateful for your support and encouragement. May the Lord continue to bless and guide your lives.

The Bible Institute ministry is a source of blessing and encouragement in our lives. We count it a privilege
to have an active part in this ministry training men and women for His service. This past July we had a block course for pastors, pastor’s wives and leaders on the important subject of Biblical Counseling. Dr. Dan Skogen
from PA gave excellent teaching on this topic on an intense schedule of 25 teaching hours from Mon-
Fri noon. The Lord blessed us with 32 students. We enjoyed deeply the opening of the Scriptures as well as the great fellowship. Sergio had the opportunity to translate for the classes. It was intense thinking, but a blessing!

In November, Lord willing, FEBU plans the 2nd block course of the year which will expand and deepen on more specific areas of Biblical Counseling. Dr. Skogen will be back to teach. Sergio directs this program, it is a big responsibility, but he really enjoys this ministry.

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Lois and Loida August and September 2015 Update

Lois McAllister had a special blessing on Sunday, the 26th of July as the only student just now in her Sunday School class received Christ as his personal Savior. He is an missionary kid named M, and his family just moved here last October as missionaries. He is still in the process of learning Spanish, so she teaches him in English and in Spanish. Her lesson that day was on the crucifixion of Jesus and he understood that Jesus died for his sins and wanted to be saved. Please pray for M as he continues to learn Spanish and learns to grow in Christ. In September, Lois had the privilege of leading an older lady to the Lord as well.

Please pray for

  • Families in the church who need to walk closer to the Lord
  • Tomorrow, four older teens will be traveling to a Bible camp in Paysandu, Uruguay.
  • This Friday, the church holds a men’s supper at the church. It will be a time of fellowship and outreach.
  • Friday October 2, a work team will be coming to work on the camp. Pray for safety and productivity.
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Flowering Desert

Missionaries David and Kristi Flinck sent pictures of the short-lived greenery that appeared in the Antofagasta desert back in June. All of the hills had a tint of green. It did not last long. It’s quite a sight for those who aren’t used to see anything green in the area. On the weekends, many people drove up to see the area and have picnics. Meanwhile, David recently finished a series on the doctrine of God, continues to reach neighbors and friends, and the young church family has celebrated its fourth year since being planted.




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Vallette Update from Chile

Missionaries Dan and Becca Vallette write this month:

As we are coming up to our first three months in Chile, we are thankful for God’s faithfulness to us. Thank you for praying for our family as we minister in Chile.

The entire month of September in Chile is basically a celebration of independence. The actual holiday is on September 18th. All of the churches in our Santiago fellowship get together at camp on the 18th for a time of sharing God’s Word and fellowship. The men have been working hard to make samples of future bunk beds, outside lighting fixtures and benches to showcase the vision for the physical aspect of camp.

We have traveled to different churches almost every Sunday getting to know people and making contacts. Many people are excited about the future of the camp and so are we! The Lord has provided a truck for the camp and we have already put several kilometers on it taking materials out to camp.



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Ready to Hit the Road – Mark and Bekah Perry


Mark and Bekah write: It takes a lot of work to get ready to do any work!

Since our last update, we have been working on preparing our display table, creating a presentation video, assembling other materials, and contacting and meeting with pastors. We are thankful for the meetings in churches that we have been able to set up. We are looking forward to officially beginning the deputation process in just a few weeks.

If you would be willing to pass our information along to your pastor or to others, we would appreciate it. We are looking to serve churches and be a blessing to them. Our goal is three-fold: encourage and build up Jesus’ church, “hold missions high” and encourage churches in their missionary efforts here and abroad, and look for churches and individuals who will partner with us as an extension of their own ministry as we work together as “God’s co-workers,” building his Church on the only true Foundation, Jesus Christ.

We earnestly desire your prayer for us that God would use us.

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Young Church in Young


Pictured above is Missionary Bobby Vallette in front of the new facility for the church in Young. It is a young work in a Young place! Young is actually pronounced something like “Zhoong” or “Joong.” Bobby will soon be obtaining a vehicle that will help him move about the city a little better. Please pray for him and the ministry in Young.

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Lois and Loida in Chivilcoy

Two faithful GMSA missionaries have been working in Chivilcoy with Tom and Debbie Gibbons for many years now: Lois Kenney and Lois McAllister. They recently wrote some very encouraging words about the ministry in the church in Argentina. They asked prayer for:

  • The salvation of several who came to the father and sons dinner.
  • A family who recently made a profession of salvation to come faithfully to church.
  • The children’s Bible club to come out to Sunday school, and some have done so.
  • Two ladies recently confessed Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Work teams have been busy at the camp, as other posts on the Sentinel have shown.
  • The young people put on a dinner to raise support to go to winter camp, and about 90 people came.
  • Lois and Loida are on a trip to Maipu, Chile, ministering at a church they worked in previously.


Rejoice and pray with the GMSA family at this good news from a far country!

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Thank you L.I.F.T.!

The Gospel Mission of South America would like to thank the group known as Labour in Faith and Trust (L.I.F.T.) from the United Kingdom for its excellent work at the Argentine Camp (Chivilcoy). They leave Argentina this evening to head home. They did ceramic and electrical work in the main building while it rained outside, in addition to the cabin construction during fair weather that we reported on in earlier Sentinel posts. May the Lord bless you all at L.I.F.T.