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More Work at Camp Pirque

We had a good group of volunteers from High Point, Pennsylvania who have labored hard building the rock wall at the front of Camp Pirque near Santiago, Chile. Note the low snowline on the mountains in the background. It is winter there! The nights must have been cold in the cabins.





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Blest Be the Tie that Binds


Missionaries Mark and Becca Perry report on their recent trip to Antofagasta, Chile.

Our hearts are overflowing as we just returned home yesterday from a ten-day trip to Antofagasta with five young ladies from our church. It was great to spend two Lord’s Days with the believers there, to enjoy time with the Flinck family, and to get to show the ministry opportunities and needs to the girls.

Our goals were two-fold: serve like Jesus and see how Jesus is building his church around the world. The consensus that we and the Flincks came to was that we met those goals. We had opportunity to spend many hours with the believers from Antofagasta in their homes, in services, and in other times of fellowship. We also were able to travel five hours north to Iquique and view two churches and a crisis pregnancy ministry there.

The lessons we learned along with the girls were that Christian fellowship is just that—it is based in Jesus Christ, not language, age, interests, or nationality. We remarked at how close we grew to our Chilean brothers and sisters in such a short time and how much we missed them. We remembered that we have a church fellowship at home and we were challenged to put the same effort into growing our spiritual community with them as well. We were challenged to think about the extraordinary sacrifice of missionaries leaving everything for Jesus’ sake and the gospel and were also challenged by the ordinariness of it: Jesus demands no less of every one of his followers. I was reminded of John Fawcett’s words, written in 1782, but just as true in 2016:

Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love;
the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.
When we asunder part, it gives us inward pain;
but we shall still be joined in heart, and hope to meet again.

We encourage you to check out the many pictures we posted on Facebook at our page, Perrys to Chile.

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Interview with Mariano Proto

Today we publish an interview with Missionary Mariano Proto, who along with his wife Becky and son Enzo are working in Carmelo, Uruguay.

Where were you before starting your present ministry? We were working in the city of Fray Bentos, a city of 24,000 people, under a veteran missionary. In general, the city was apathetic to the gospel. God allowed us to learn the culture and the importance and need of church planting and church revitalization while we were there.

Where are you working now and when did you start there? After our furlough last year, in March 2016, we moved to our new city of Carmelo, a city of 19,000 people. We began the process of planting a new church. One thing about Carmelo is that it is a city with an open mind concerning various aspects of life including the social and spiritual aspects of life. It seems to be very different from where we were previously. This allows us to tailor our approach (contextualizing our work) while maintaining the Biblical gospel message.

Who are you working with, i.e. your team members? We are working with Pablo and Marcela DeGodos. They have 3 children (Paloma, Melanie and Lazaro). They are from Argentina, sent by a sister UCB church in Chivilcoy.

What are your short term and long term goals? Our short term goal is to get to know our community by building intentional relationships with friends and share Christ with them. To be intentional means to be purposeful in building relationships with the end on mind to share Christ, and that is what we want to do. Our long term goal is to build a core group of believer that will help us to launch a new church and establish the leadership. After that, we aim to lead the church to reproduce itself. In other words, we do not want to just plant a church, but we want to plant a church that will plant other churches. This means that we are not only going to make disciples, but we want to train disciple-making disciples in the same way Christ did and in the same way the New Testament teaches.

Are there any physical or material needs that you have in the short term? We could use Spanish Bibles, good discipleship materials, including Lifeway Small groups books (in Spanish).

How about longer-term needs? In the longer term, we are praying about the purchase of a property that will suit a church.

How can we pray for you? Pray for connections with people to be able to share Christ. Pray for wisdom as we develop a core group of believers.


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Marshall’s On the Road Again


“Nothing can touch the Word of God. Not all the powers of earth and hell, men and devils combined, can ever move the Word of God. There it stands, in its own moral glory, spite of all the assaults of the enemy, from age to age. ‘Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.’” – Charles Henry Mackintosh

Appointees to Argentina Dathan and Allison Marshall write this month:

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!  It is a true blessing to have so many people who are praying on our behalf and who have given us so much encouragement and support.  Since our last newsletter, God has successfully carried us through a year of Spanish language training from Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, TX.  We praise Him for the many lessons He taught us, the people we met, the language we learned, and the ministries we served in.  During the past few months in the Spanish church plant in Mission, TX, God enabled us to preach twice in Spanish and to share the Gospel with fifteen children on ‘Día de los Niños’ (Children’s Day in Mexico).  Serving alongside Pastor Abbott and his family was a true blessing to us, as they challenged us to communicate in Spanish and more importantly, they challenged us spiritually to follow after Jesus Christ.  God knew how much we needed this humble, Godly family to encourage us, to teach us, and to serve in ministry with, and we praise Him for the many opportunities He laid before us to serve and be a witness of Him!

On May 10, 2016, our second and final semester of Spanish language school came to a close as we graduated with eleven other missionary language students.  Although it has been difficult to say goodbye to the many wonderful friends we made during our time at language school, we thank God for the excellent training we have received and the memories that were made.  Speaking of good memories, we had the blessing of having both sets of parents visit from PA during this past semester, which gave us a great boost of encouragement and support!  As the semester came to an end, God continued to give us multiple opportunities to serve Him, such as preaching during chapel, leading small group devotions, organizing tutor and professor appreciation events, and eating MANY tacos (it’s a difficult ministry!).  As a reflection of our language school experience, we are so thankful for the patience and training of the professors, the love and testimony of the students and their families, the leadership and humility of the president and staff, and the grace and power of God in enabling us to learn a new language and grow closer to Him!  We also want to say thank you to each of you who prayed for us and gave us encouragement through a challenging, exciting step of our journey.

As we have now returned home to PA, our goal and focus is to continue our deputation ministry of visiting churches and seeking more prayer and financial support, in hopes to reach full support and leave for Argentina in January 2017 to start the next chapter of our missionary life.  We again praise God for His on-going provision (which never fails), as we have reached 75% of our total support level!  We trust and know that God is completely able to meet our needs and He works through His people to do so.  Thank you all for your commitment to prayer, which is often times the most difficult, yet also the most essential, work in our lives for Christ!  We thank God for each one of you, and count it a privilege to serve with you for the glory and exaltation of our Lord Jesus Christ!  God bless.

In Christ,

Dathan and Allison Marshall

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The L.I.F.T. Team is Back!

The Argentine Camp near Chivilcoy is getting a working over by the LIFT team from the United Kingdom. They are pictured below with some from the local church there. Thanks for all your efforts to move the gospel forward in Argentina!


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Progress at Camp Pirque

Missionaries Dan and Becca Vallette sent their May update with a few pictures of the work and ministry at Camp Pirque, near Santiago, Chile.

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Duartes on Furlough

Missionaries Sergio and Andrea Duarte are currently reporting to churches in the United States on their nearly 20 years of service in Uruguay. If you would like to have them visit your church, please contact them.


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Canadian Board Meeting April 2016

Board.Canada2016.Pastor Steve

The Canadian board of Gospel Mission of South America consists of pastors and other men who minister to provide counsel and assistance the mission as well as oversight of certain homeland functions. Pictured above is the board as of May 2016.

Back rows: Board member and GMSA general director Terry Thompson, Harry Bouman, Scott Gordon, Treasurer Mark Switzer, board member and Canadian home director Pastor Eric Watson, board member Pastor Steve Gordon, chairman member Ed Stewart, Mel Smillie.

Front row: Carol Thompson, Domien Bouwman, Jordyn Gordon, Judy Watson, secretary Diane Stewart.

Pastor Steve Gordon joined the board in May 2016.

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U.K. Council Meeting May 2016


Pictured above is the U.K. Home Council of GMSA. Visiting the UK from Argentina are missionaries Tom and Debbie Gibbons, on the far left. U.K. Home Director Nigel Kissick is in the front row, far right. In the front middle, holding the painting, is John Harrison, who retired from the Council at this meeting. To the right is Pauline English, who served with GMSA for many years. In the remainder of the back row are Mr. Joseph Crozier, Mrs. Daphne Hall, Rev. Paul Acheson (U.K. board chairman), Rev. Trevor Gillanders, and Pastor Ian Wilson.

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Just Add Water…Update from the Wests

Dear Praying Partners,

When I was a young believer living in California, I remember making a remarkable discovery. When one drives through the desert the only place you see life is where you find some water. The desert can seem like a dead and infertile land, but just add water and you will find life, even abundant life. The same is true when comparing summer and winter in California. The dry summers help to bring about those classic golden (read brown) California hills. But wait until winter and the seasonal rains will make those same hills turn as green as an Irish postcard. Just add water. The Spirit of God works much the same way. In His absence there is no life, no spiritual life in a human being. The life of a person without Christ is dull and without any meaningful, eternal fruit. But through faith in Christ, the Spirit of God comes in to abide as a life-giving presence and the believer’s life takes on an entirely new aspect.


“If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, ‘out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ But this He spoke concerning the Spirit . . . .” (John 7:37b-39a)

Our job as believers is to spread the message of the Gospel so that people might receive forgiveness and new life from God. Our job as missionaries to Argentina is to help train young Argentines to take leadership roles in the Gospel ministry in South America and beyond.

Your Fellowservants,
Dave & Patti West