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Gospel Mission of South America!

GMSA exists to glorify God by helping sending churches and their missionaries to establish reproducing churches in South America. We work to accomplish this goal through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

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Strength for Each Day and Each Task

Dan & Liz Thompson – Paysandú, Uruguay

As we looked at the destroyed walls, the accumulating rubble, and the overwhelming amount of work to be done in the camp kitchen, we came to the realization that the work is much, that the helpers are few, and that time is of the essence.  BUT GOD!  He is the one who generously gives strength for each step of the rebuilding process.  We thank Him for providing wisdom for each decision and also the volunteers to come and shoulder the work with us. Thank you for your continued prayers for the renovation project.We are encouraged to see the progress made this past month.  

Physical progress is easily quantified.  Where there was no structural stability, now there are strong pillars to keep the walls from crumbling.  Where there were broken tiles and moldy ceilings, we now can foresee a new ceiling and floor in the near future.  Spiritual progress is not always so apparent.  We have been serving the Paysandu church for four months and give thanks to God for what He is doing in hearts and lives.   We give thanks and rejoice in the privilege we have to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and see them take spiritual steps in their walk with the Lord.  We echo what Peter writes in I Peter 2: 5 “you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”  Continue to pray for the building up of the believers and our own.

Our family is getting ready for another change this year.  Matthias will be traveling to the United States in August to start Bible college this Fall.  Many conversations around the table revolve around this next stage for our family.  He is looking forward to his classes (majoring in Missions), new friendships, and growth in the Lord while away from home, but it won’t be easy to leave. We ask that you pray with us for Matthias to be anchored to Christ and God’s Word.

Liz has the privilege to teach a monthly Ladies Bible Study in our church.  The theme for this year is “Knowing God”.  Many ladies have used this opportunity to invite unsaved friends or family to the meetings.  

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord for a wonderful start to the Sunday School services.  Not only have we had good attendance, but God is also preparing others to serve in leadership roles.  
  • Please be in prayer for Matthias and Liz as they make plans to travel on August 8th to the United States.  There are many details still unknown at this stage.  We would like to buy a reliable used car for the boys to use if the Lord permits.  We ask for the Lord’s leading and provision for this vehicle if it is His will.
  • We praise God for all the work accomplished on the kitchen remodel.  We are also thankful for the volunteers who have come to serve.    
  • Micah is learning a lot while serving at Alpine Bible Camp this summer.  He is fulfilling the requirements for his Camping major’s Field experience this summer.  This past month, he turned 20 years old.  We are thankful that God is continuing his perfecting work in His life!

Thank you for your ministry to us through prayer and giving.  We pray for our churches and individual supporters also.  Let us know if there is anything specific you want us to bring before the Lord.  We would love to hear from you!

Serving Him,
Dan & Liz
Micah, Matthias, Morgan, Madeline Thompson

Following the Lord Day by Day

Terry & Carol Thompson – Los Angeles, Chile

Thank you for praying for us.  The Lord is answering your prayers in His time and His will. 

  • The workers nearly completed installing the glass and window frames in the classroom building.  
  • The radiator crew have been advancing in the dorms.  The second semester could be much more comfortable for the students than the first semester.  
  • This week, we helped the men do finish work (siding, gutters, etc.) and more electrical installations. 
  • We’re were hoping for a backhoe and operator to landscape in front of the classroom building and level the baby soccer field.  It is a big task with the small 15.5 horse tractor. We managed to staked out levels and drainage.  Maybe a real machine will become available this week.   

This week we learned that a young couple (he graduates from the Bible college in November) have partnered with Cesar’s family and with us in the endeavor to establish a local church in Los Angeles, Chile.  Cesar was able to obtain a property near the city and hopes to build living quarters as soon as possible.  Progress!  

Pray for the sale of a Mission house in Santiago that would allow for the purchase of a base for our ministry of the Gospel in Los Angeles.  Thank you!  Continue to pray for the workers safety in commuting and on the construction site.  The Lord is able!

High Winds Damage Camp House in Paysandú, Uruguay

This morning Dan and Liz Thompson wrote that heavy winds, perhaps a small tornado, had come through the camp in Paysandú, Uruguay in the early morning hours. As seen in the pictures below, the roof was peeled off their shed and the rear portion of their carport. The rest of the camp appears to be untouched, and gratefully, the carport area appears to be the only affected part of the house. The steel roofing remained secured to the roof structure but the wind was so strong that the roof structure was pulled from the brick walls. They also had water leakage in a bedroom near the carport but were able to resolve that.

Please pray for Dan and Liz as they work through repairing the damage. These storms are not at all uncommon in Uruguay and central Argentina, but not usually this time of year.

Morrell Moments – Home at Last!

James & Donelle Morrell – Chivilcoy, Argentina

We are thanking the Lord that I (James) have finally made it back to Maine with the family! I am still waiting on residency documents in Argentina, but I have been able to travel on a temporary document that expires in September. Please pray that my permanent residency comes in before the expiration date. If it does not, then I will have to go back to renew it, but that will be complicated because of the following… 

As you know I had a bad fall in March breaking my leg. It has been a long healing process and will continue to be even longer. Upon arrival, I received a recommendation for an orthopedic surgeon to continue my care. During the visit, he explained that my situation is still very complex and delicate. The bones are not healing at a good rate, and I have an infection that is complicating things. I will be undergoing surgery once again on July 6 for a cleaning and debridement. There will likely be other procedures to follow. Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and healing for James’ leg. 

After 7 ½ years we are finally on furlough! It has been a tremendous journey that the Lord has had us on in Argentina and you have been there with us; some in person with a mission team, most in spirit and prayer. We have been looking forward to reconnecting with you all and meeting new people as your church has grown, however, we need to put that on hold for a little while longer as James recuperates from his injury. With this in mind, we will be on medical furlough until such time as James will be able to minister effectively in each of our supporting churches. Please pray for the Lord’s strength and guidance through this process. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can! 

We are thanking the Lord for the opportunities that Hannah and Jaimie have right now to serve the Lord in their summer ministries. They are both serving Him at Alpine Ministries, and Hannah is participating in a survey trip in Indonesia to seek the Lord’s leading for Bible translation ministry. Please pray for the Lord’s work in their lives. 

Kid’s Corner

This is an excerpt from Hannah’s daily dialogue from Indonesia:

This morning we observed a passage be translated from Indonesian to Saluan. It was really cool to see the process! The person doing the actual translating was a Saluan lady who also knew Indonesian. She listened to different Indonesian translations of a 6 verse section of the passage about 10 times and then retold the story in her own language. This process took about an hour and is only the rough draft, so it is definitely time-consuming, but it is a necessary process. Overseas Bible translation is looking more and more like a possibility for me. Please pray that God would give me clear direction in the next few weeks just as to the next step. 

Jaimie is currently ministering at Alpine Ministries in West Virginia and has also decided to transfer to Appalachian Bible College. Please pray for her summer ministry. 

The rest of the kids were able to participate in a homeschool coop for a couple of months after arriving in Maine. 

Vallette Family – June Update

Dan & Becca Vallette – Santiago, Chile

Thank you for your prayers regarding our family and ministry.  We’re looking forward to getting back to Chile and continue contributing to the advancements at Pirque Bible Camp in person.

We are thankful for the progress that’s been made on the girl’s dorm project in the last few weeks.  The interior divisions of the second floor have been built to support the roof.  The metal roof is now in place to help repel the winter rains.  With the roof in place, we can now focus on finishing the individual rooms and bathrooms of the second floor.

My brother Bobby is in Pennsylvania waiting on final citizenship paperwork for his wife Nadia.  It’s a rare opportunity to have most of my siblings together in Pennsylvania for Father’s Day, since my brother Richie lives in Dominican Republic, my brother Bobby lives in Uruguay, and we should be in Chile. (My sister Becky does live in Pennsylvania).

Upcoming events:

  • First young people’s winter retreat since Covid from our group of churches in July at Pirque Bible Camp (I’m going to participate via zoom).
  • A couple workdays are scheduled to take place in July from local churches to help advance the work at Pirque Bible Camp.
  • There are several scheduled retreats for the winter months from different churches.
  • Work trip in October (Headed by Pastor Bill Park).
  • An international pastors conference is scheduled for November (Pastors from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay).
  • We will head to Chile as soon as Becca’s paperwork is approved. Please pray that things would move quickly.  We are anxious to return.

Grateful for your continued prayers regarding Becca’s paperwork.  The plan still continues to leave towards Chile in July.

Serving Him  

Dan & Becca Vallette  

Prayer Requests

  • Becca as she continues with her residency paperwork to travel to Chile 
  • Keven as he continues the power washing business of his grandfather (PA)
  • Bryan and Rebeca as they adjust to married life (PA)
  • Vanesa as she works this summer at High Point Camp as a counselor (PA)
  • Camila as she works this summer at High Point Camp as the assistant cook (PA)

Progress on Girls Dorm Project