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Gospel Mission of South America!

GMSA exists to glorify God by helping sending churches and their missionaries to establish reproducing churches in South America. We work to accomplish this goal through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

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Hurricane Dorian

We received a note yesterday afternoon from general director Tom Gibbons. He wrote say that the mission headquarters in Fort Lauderdale was basically untouched by Dorian except for some light wind gusts and rain Monday and Tuesday. The storm stalled over the Bahamas and left a wake of terrible devastation. Please be in much prayer for our island neighbors.

Dan Thompson Family August Furlough Update

On the ferry from Victoria BC to Port Angeles WA

As we looked at our furlough schedule, the month of August was going to have the most back to back meetings and activities. This month also signified the start of the new school year for our kids. It also implies one month closer to heading back to Chile. The first week in August we traveled to Coeur d’Alene, ID to pick Micah up after his month of work. Thank you for your prayers for him! He really enjoyed his time and learned much working alongside godly examples. During our time, we visited two supporting churches in Sprague, WA and Southwick, ID. We enjoyed the week between meetings helping and visiting lifelong friends.

We traveled back to the Olympic Peninsula in time to participate in our home church’s family camp on Lake Sutherland. After four days of camping we packed up, headed home to wash clothes and caught the last ferry over to Victoria, Canada. We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with friends and the Westside Bible Church family. Upon returning to Joyce, Micah hit the books and prepared for taking the SAT. We are thankful for all who prayed for him. The last two weeks have been filled with paperwork, homeschooling, and continued times of visiting and fellowship. Our hearts and minds are filled with memories and much thankfulness for what God has done over the past month.

  • Please pray for our last month in WA.  We want to spend time at our home church and be an encouragement to all we come in contact with.
  • Please pray as we work on getting our outfit and passage together before travel back to the field.
  • Please pray for Cheo and Andrea serving faithfully at camp in our absence.  There is much to do before the September retreat!
  • Praise!  The new school year has started for our kids.  Pray for diligence.
  • Praise!  We have enjoyed great times of fellowship with individual supporters, family, and friends last month.
  • Praise!  We received several offerings to start work on the new camp chapel.  We need continued prayer for work teams and the remaining funds to complete the project.
Micah could almost pass for a gaucho! (Oh–that’s in a different country than Chile. Maybe substitute huaso!)

Thank you for your support through prayer and financial giving which allow us to labor on the field of Chile.

Danny, Liz, Micah, Matthias, Morgan, and Madeline

Work Trip from UK Planned for May 2020

As in years past, GMSA in the United Kingdom invites all interested laborers to join a work trip to Santiago, Chile to work at Camp Pirque. Camp director Dan Vallette will have a list of maintenance, construction, and improvement projects to keep you busy!

The camp is in a strategic location near millions of souls in the greater Santiago metropolitan area. A church is currently being started on the camp, and all kinds of camp ministry is ongoing throughout the year. The work you do will advance the cause of Christ in central Chile for years to come.

New Church Born in Antofagasta

It has been a very active August in Antofagasta!

On August 11, the church established formal membership with the testimonies and affirmations of 24 new members. A new church was officially born! The entire group numbered at 70 including attenders, visitors and five visiting pastors from the region.

Two days earlier on Friday, the church hosted the ministry of Pastor Manuel Rivas entitled “The Ministry of the Word.”

Additionally, a new missions intern, Ethan Bauer, arrived safely on Saturday the 17th in Antofagasta. Thank you for praying for Ethan’s travels. Now pray with us that his time in Antofagasta would be life impacting and spiritually challenging.

Ethan at the famous Portada.

The Joy and Burden of Missionary Work

Pastor Ricardo Daglio reports from Villa Regina, Argentina:

This photo was taken Sunday July 28 in Junín de los Andes. What a joy to meet with these believers. From our home, they are 6 hours away by car (about 300 miles).

The following Monday, a couple contacted me. They live 600 miles away (11 hours by car) in the city of La Punta, San Luis. About eight people gather every Sunday in a home, and they are looking for a sound church. There are no missionaries of sound doctrine around. This “outpost” is similar to Junín. I have a deep burden for all of this.

From joy, to burden, and back to joy: the beautiful testimony of a young lady.

This girl’s name is Priscilla, she’s 10 years old. She lives 62 miles from our church of Villa Regina. Her parents come every Sunday to attend and soon they will be members of our congregation. Priscilla is in her third consecutive year reading the Bible completely. Her example is encouraging for those who know her. Personally, as a pastor, it is a genuine joy since I also visit them every other week to have Bible studies in their home where an average of 10 people gather. We pray that Priscilla’s example will motivate other parents to continue raising their children in the fear of the Lord. Pray for Ezequiel and Romina that they will continue faithfully following the Lord along with their three children.

Could you help in this needy area of Argentina to bring the good news of salvation and teaching of God’s Word? Pray with Pastor Daglio and the believers there for help. May God raise up those laborers, whether from near or far.