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Gospel Mission of South America!

GMSA exists to glorify God by helping sending churches and their missionaries to establish reproducing churches in South America. We work to accomplish this goal through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

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Antofagasta Church: First Meeting in New Building

Missionary intern Jansen Lorch sends in the following video report of the first meeting of the Antofagasta church in its new meeting place.

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The Southern Sentinel in May 2009

Here’s a little throw-back. This is the Southern Sentinel, issue 01, May 2009. This issue contained articles about a camp scholarship, vacation Bible school, and articles about the ministries of various missionaries in GMSA. Some have moved on to new ministries now. Others are faithfully ministering in the same place of service they were in nine years ago. We are thankful for what God has accomplished through them all.

The Sentinel was printed and mailed to hundreds of subscribers. It has changed to a blog format that is updated several times per month. It still gets hundreds of readers. Please forward this to friends and family so we can reach more with the good news of what God is doing in South America.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for praying for the ministry of the gospel in South America!

Kicking the Tires

Missionary David Flinck writes:

Short-term intern Jansen Lorch has been “kicking the tires” of cross cultural church planting in the Chilean desert for the last six weeks.

It has been a blast to have him be a part of our family and a part of the church family. We are NOT counting the days until he leaves, because we don’t want him to leave.

We prefer to invite him to stay, or at least seriously consider coming back to re-join the Northern Chile church planting team.

Stay tuned…

Antofagasta Church Update July 2018

Pictured above are the Flinck Family (left and front), Jansen Lorch (center), the Perrys (back), and the Maluendas (right). These folks make up the Antofagasta church planting team.

Ministries continue at the homes in the city:

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And now the church has a new rented facility that provides more room for growth:

The newest addition to the team is short-term intern Jansen Lorch. He will be with the team another month or so, picking up as many ministry and cultural opportunities as possible. Pray for Jansen’s remaining time in Antofa to be eternally profitable, fr his last year of Bible college, for his post college plans, and that he will serve the Lord with his life.

Missionary David Flinck writes: Estoy agradecido por el equipo que Dios nos ha dado en nuestra iglesia. Este domingo pasado (1 de julio), Pastor Andrés y Cle enseñaron una de las clases de niños en el garage. Pastor Mark nos enseñó sobre los requisitos Bíblicos de un anciano. Le damos gracias a nuestro Dios por la oportunidad y privilegio servir en la iglesia en Antofagasta.

In English, that is: I am grateful for the team which God has given to us in our church. This past Sunday (July 1), Pastor Andrés and Cecilia taught one of the children’s classes in the garage. Pastor Mark taught us concerning the Biblical requirements of an elder. We give thanks to our God for the opportunity and privilege to serve in the church in Antofagasta.

Thank you for your prayers! Pictures courtesy David Flinck.

Vallette’s Coming to States for Furlough

Bobby and Nadia Vallette send in the following update:

We are thrilled to let you know that we have purchased our tickets to go on furlough, and Lord willing we will be arriving in the US on August 1, 2018. Once we arrive, we need to go to our mission headquarters in Florida for approximately two weeks.

After this time, we will head out east to be with family and start visiting some of our supporting churches.

Please let us know right away if there’s any specific dates or events that you like us to reserve for you, or that you would like for us to participate with you, in order for us put it on our calendar. We need to start scheduling meetings, and we want to make sure that we are available for all of you.

Right now, the visa that we were granted is for one year, but as the papers progress, the time for us to be in the US will be extended. We are not exactly sure, but we expect that we will be in the US for the next two years completing Nadia’s citizenship papers and raising the extra support that we need in order to come back to the field.

Please pray for us:

  • For all the things that we need to do as we prepare to travel.
  • Safety as we travel to the US and during our time of furlough.
  • Health and strength during our furlough time.
  • For Nadia’s citizenship papers to be completed as soon as possible.
  • That we would be able to find housing while on furlough.
  • For Nadia as she continues to learn English and for her adjustment to a new culture.
  • That the Holy Spirit would lead us to new churches and individuals who want to be supportive of the ministry in Uruguay.

You can read their full update here.