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Gospel Mission of South America!

GMSA exists to glorify God by helping sending churches and their missionaries to establish reproducing churches in South America. We work to accomplish this goal through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

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Dan & Liz Thompson – Paysandú, Uruguay


We have now been living and serving the Lord and His church in Uruguay for seven months.  What a testimony to God’s faithfulness toward us!  Just this past month, God saw fit to place Danny in a leadership role as Interim pastor for our local church in Paysandu.  Danny has been faithfully preaching on Sundays and also teaching on Wednesday nights.  We are thankful for how people are receiving the Word with joy and are growing through obedience to it.  

Liz also has started two Bible studies this past month.  One is with a young mother who has requested help to grow spiritually as a believer, wife, and mother.  The other is a young lady starting her nursing studies this year.  She wanted a discipleship-type course to also grow in her walk with the Lord and develop spiritual disciplines in her life. What a thrill it has been for us to study for these teaching opportunities, teach weekly, and see God at work in lives!  


Needless to say, work still continues on camp.  Our main goals have been cleanup from the storms, general organizing and sorting of camp resources, and everyday maintenance.  With our first Family Camp right around the corner, we have also been focusing on getting program and activities, menus, and staff training materials put together.  We are excited to see what God will do in and through us during the week of camp.  The camp is full!  We expect around 80 people on camp that week. 

Micah asked us to send him down to Fort Lauderdale with Nic, a friend from ABC, for his spring break.  Both guys served at GMSA headquarters laying sod and planting over 150 bushes for a new hedge.  They also enjoyed getting some sunshine, a trip to the beach, and fellowship with our co-workers at the mission.  We are thankful for their willingness to serve the Lord in this way. Continue to pray for both these men, as they seek the Lord for their future.  Micah and Nic both are camping majors.  We are praying that God would use their training for His glory!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our belongings to arrive from Chile.  We receive promising news only to have it fall through or be contradicted.  To be honest it has brought us low at times.  Continue to pray for God to work on our behalf and that we would be patient and content in the meantime.
  • Pray for the preparations for Family Camp and for the Lord to work in hearts.  We expect great things for that week!
  • Pray for Morgan as she finished 10th grade.   Maddie is working on sixth grade.  We are thankful for their diligence and hard work.
  • Pray for our monthly support needs.  Our sending church had to drastically reduce their financial support to our family.  Thank you to those who have enquired as to how to meet this specific need.  God has raised up some support already and some individual gifts.  We are thankful for His constant provision.

The Summer of Drought

Curtis & Diane Steward – Coquimbo, Chile

They say our Region of Coquimbo has experienced a drought this summer due to excessive consumption of water. In a place where rain’s only remotely likely during a few months of the year, that’s hardly surprising. Despite Covid, the seasonal flood of tourists hasn’t diminished either, and it’s been sunnier than usual, without much morning mist. AND then we’ve experienced our personal summer “drought” since we didn’t arrive back in Chile until almost the end of January. After our mission conference in Florida (Jan. 3-9), we along with many other missionary families came down with Covid (possibly a second case for us) and had to reschedule our return flights. In the meantime, Curtis returned to SC with our daughter Emily to help with house projects, I got a head start on the year’s women’s Bible studies, and daughter Christina preceded us to Chile and ended up in a 10-day quarantine there!

When we finally reached home in Totoralillo-Coquimbo, we faced a string of minor disasters and disappointments: a return to pandemic protocols which eliminated church meetings again, a mysteriously unplugged porch freezer, an entire porch of randomly loose tiles (still in the process of redoing this job completed in Oct.), and a herd of abandoned horses roaming our semi-desert neighborhood in desperation for anything besides cacti to eat! (Like gardens.)

All that aside, we enjoyed the summer month of February and the opportunities to help Chris get settled in Chile once again, deliver American treat bags to our leadership team’s kids, and swing by the seashore at the foot of the hill occasionally. The church held an online VBS again. A young couple asked us to show them how to cook a “Thanksgiving” turkey . All abundant blessings, not drought! 

As the new school year begins in March, plans and activities have got underway again. We’re asking the Lord for a year of fresh growth, that we may be like the tree in Jeremiah 17:8, whose “leaf shall be green in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” Meeting restrictions have eased (again), so our congregation is gathering weekly in four home cell groups with good success thus far. Last weekend we celebrated a baptism (2 married women and 2 teenagers) and a “fish fry” picnic at Camp El Molle. Our women’s group will start with a Zoom kick-off this week, then break into two weekly home Bible studies. 

Prayer Requests:

Although it seems repetitious, can we ask you to pray on for our church property needs? We’re still seeking a suitable place.

Pray for the leadership team and others who serve in different church ministries.

For God to use the recently completed ladies’ Bible study book, STRONG TOWER

That I will recuperate my voice to be able to teach (Covid aftereffect).

For 2 church families who lost loved ones during the summer.

Christina’s job decisions. Meanwhile she helps with the youth here while teaching online classes.

For help in finding a gastro surgeon for apparent gallstones. 

Adventures & Opportunities

Bobby & Nadia Vallette – Carmelo, Uruguay

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God. HEBREWS 6:1 

Adventurous Trip

We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity that we had at the end of last year to go visit family and have a reunion rejoicing together for God‘s goodness in our lives. We also attended our missionary conference in Florida.

Exciting Opportunities

Now we are back in Carmelo, the kids are back in school and the church activities are back in full swing. Our theme this year is “Let us go on unto perfection (Maturity).

One of the exciting challenges for us for this new year is that we are trying, with the Lord’s help, to start a youth group on Saturday evenings. Right now we have 4 adolescents from our church who attend regularly. Pray that the Word of God would have a profound impact as we invest in their lives. 

Bobby just started teaching on Wednesday’s: Prayer is a way of life. Nadia just started teaching the adolescent Sunday School class for the next 6 months. 

Upcoming Activities

On March 27 we will be celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the church in Carmelo. Please pray that unsaved relatives and others who do not normally attend church would come, so that we could give them a clear presentation of the gospel. 

On April 11-16 we will be going to Paysandú for our Family Camp. Churches all over the world are desperate for families to imitate Jesus and serve Him together.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord that we were able to finish the bathroom and the multipurpose room. Please pray for the funds and workers needed to continue with our Building Project. 
  • For who has prostate cancer and is waiting for doctors to perform a biopsy and give him a date on which they will operate on him. 
  • For one new family, and one new single girl who have been coming to our church for several months. 

A Living Hope

Mark & Bekah Perry – Antofagasta, Chile

If you were to visit Antofagasta, you couldn’t help but notice people living without any hope. Some don’t have a home, and no hope of ever affording one. Some don’t have a job, and given their past, no one will ever hire them. Some don’t have any family, and because they have cut off everyone to pursue drugs, may never enjoy those relationships again. Some do have all those things, but they just head off to work every morning, come back that evening, and drag themselves out of bed the next morning to do it all over again. Hopelessness. Peter opens his first epistle like this: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1:3). Although we all have experienced this lifeless hopelessness, God, in great mercy, brought us back to life. Our Christian hope goes beyond our physical existence, because it is a living and eternal hope based in Jesus Christ, who defeated death and lives eternally. This hope is valid as long as Jesus Christ is alive, and he lives forevermore!

Our church continues to meet in the plaza to avoid the ever-changing restrictions on indoor meetings. We’ve had good attendance and good fellowship. Our theme this year has been evangelism and missions, so meeting in a public place and teaching what the gospel is and how our church can go from being an established church to a reproducing church is good for us. When we celebrate the Lord’s Table, we get to proclaim the Lord’s death to children, unsaved spouses, and passers-by in the plaza.

We got to take in some different scenery this past month as we traveled to Temuco, about 1200 miles south of Antofagasta. We stayed at the Bible institute property for two days and met with several of our GMSA coworkers. We’re thankful for travel mercies, and you probably are grateful to see some different pictures!

We are still working on our furlough preparations and look forward to seeing many of you in person—Lord willing, we will arrive in the United States six weeks from today! We still have a lot to do. Please continue to pray for the resolution of our permanent visas. It seems humanly improbable that we will be able to complete this process in just six weeks, but God knows (and has always known), and he’s in control (and has always been). We appreciate your prayers.

The Lord’s Day in the park has been a good time of singing, reading, prayer, teaching, the Lord’s Table, and plenty of time for fellowship afterwards with some great discipling conversations. It’s just what the Body of Christ has done on the first day of the week for centuries. (It has also been nice to have Pastor Andrés and his guitar back from vacation.)
You’re probably thinking this doesn’t look like Antofagasta—and you’d be right! We got to travel to the south of Chile for two days for a Chile field corporation meeting. It was a great change of pace.

  • Thank God with us for his grace in allowing our church to continue to meet in Jesus’ name on the Lord’s Day.
  • Thank God with us for his grace in the unity that our church has enjoyed.
  • Thank God with us for his grace in physical health and strength.
  • Pray to God with us for his grace as we proclaim the living hope of the gospel here in Antofagasta.
  • Pray to God with us for his grace preparing for our furlough April 26–October 6.
  • Pray to God with us for his grace for his grace in the waiting process for our residency documents.

Vallette Family – March Update

Dan & Becca Vallette – Santiago, Chile

Thank you for your prayers regarding Dan’s trip to Chile.  Everything went smoothly with the paperwork, documents and connections, and he had the opportunity to go through the newly inaugurated Santiago International Airport for his flight back to the States. 

During Dan’s month in Chile, much work was done to advance in the kitchen expansion project:

  • Purchase, arrival, assembly and installation of the kitchen work tables and sinks (two refrigerators were also purchased).
  • The bathrooms inside the kitchen area are now completed. This means sinks and toilets are installed, ceiling and lights are in place and mirrors and doors hung.
  • The false ceiling in the kitchen area and lights have been installed.
  • The gas installation for the grill, range and single burner stove have been fitted.
  • The installation of the drain and water pipes for some of the sinks.
  • The outside siding, lighting system and doors have been installed.

In order to finish the kitchen extension project the next steps are:

  • Installation of the two ovens with the corresponding gas connections.
  • Finish the fitting of the remaining drains and water pipes for the sinks.
  • Finish the construction of the metal outside doors for the machine area and trash room.
  • The taping, mudding and painting of the drywall.
  • The installation of a temporary roof over the kitchen (hoping to finish the 2nd and 3rd floor for the kitchen project in the near future).
  • Installation of the windows and mosquito netting.

The next couple of weeks are key to be able to finish the kitchen extension project.  We covet your prayers for safety for the workers and the speedy culmination of the project.  The next project in line would be the second floor of the girls cabin.

We also covet our prayers regarding our son Bryan and Rebeca’s upcoming wedding.  Rebeca’s parents and brother are coming up from Argentina to be a part of this special day. 

Thank you once again for your prayers for our family and ministry in Chile. 

Serving Him 

Dan & Becca Vallette 

Prayer Requests:

  •  Becca as she continues with her paperwork to travel to Chile 
  •  Keven as he continues his grandfather’s power washing business starting in April (PA)
  •  Bryan and Rebeca as they make preparations for their lives together in marriage
  •  Vanesa as she continues her studies at Liberty University, Sophomore (VA)
  •  Camila as she finishes at High Point Baptist Academy, Senior (PA)

Progress in the bathrooms:

Work tables and sinks in the washing area:

Installing the siding, doors and windows:

Secondary entrance to the kitchen:

Installation of equipment and sinks in the kitchen:

Installation of lights and ceilings:

Arrival and assembly of kitchen work tables and sinks: