Posted on April 2, 2021 by Matt Postiff

A Year in Captivity

No, we haven’t got arrested (yet) for breaking our city’s second quarantine, but it’s a huge challenge to accomplish our errands in two 2-hour outings per week. At least we have a special dispensation to get our second Covid shot tomorrow. We’re reminded of the prophet Daniel, who from youth to old age—for nearly 70 years—lived and served God during the Babylonian Captivity. Although a year has now passed since many of us have been frequently “locked up” in Pandemic Prison, “the Word of God is not bound” (2 Tim. 2:9).

Let us share how the Lord and His word have been working since we last wrote. Despite being unable to meet for services in person, we’ve continued ministries on the existing media platforms, including a dynamic Sunday school and a summer VBS which reached into other communities. Unfortunately, no conferences or camps were held, but Diane spoke via videotape to our northern ladies’ annual retreat this month. Our own women’s group recommenced again a couple of weeks ago with around 25 in Zoom attendance.

As of the end of February, we are officially a homeless church with our “belongings” scattered. The Punta Mira congregation voted to terminate the rental and move out, since we can’t effectively use it. We will continue to search (as possible) for a property to BUY, when we need it, in the Lord’s time.

It’s all about timing these days. A week into the new school year here, authorities announced another indefinite Phase 1 (strict lockdown) for Coquimbo. May God enable us, like Daniel, to be good examples, seek the open windows (of opportunity), and pray faithfully. Whether it’s 60 days again…or 70. I hope not 70 years!

On a personal note… Summer recently ended here, and it was quiet for us out in the country! After our vehicle broke down the first part of February, we didn’t get in any beach walks, thank-you barbecues, or building progress. BUT the Lord provided rides for appointments and groceries and the needed car parts after six weeks… just in time for the new quarantine.

Thanks for passing this letter on to those who don’t have email or cannot access the Southern Sentinel blog. We won’t be able to make the trek to the Post Office for a while!

Please pray for wisdom in travel decisions, that the church will be able to find a “permanent” home, for church ministries, endurance through all the online instead of in-person meetings, and for new believers.