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Antofagasta: Where We Serve

The Flinck family sends another update:

This is a photo of our neighborhood that David took on his return flight from a recent trip:


#1 – Our house – located in Upper Coviefi, which is above the train line.


#2 – The Huanchaca Ruins – The site of former silver refinery (built in 1888 and running until 1902). Now it’s an historical monument, tourist attraction, and a location for open air concerts.

#3 – Enjoy Resort, Casino & Hotel


#4 – The Chilean Navy Communication Center

#5 (in yellow) – The Catholic University (Universidad Católica del Norte) – the biggest university in Antofagasta

#5 (in red) – Chilean Army Base

#6 – An area being developed for more apartment buildings, a supermarket, and office buildings.

#7 – Current road project connecting Argentina Ave. (in blue) with Angamos Ave. (below). This will make it easier to enter and exit Coviefi (which is up on a plateau).

#8 – The Escondidad Mine Resort Center (offices, soccer fields, pool, tennis courts, picnic areas)

#9 – New 21-story apartment buildings

#10 – Project to put in a bridge connecting Coviefi (Argentina Ave. & Angamos Ave.) with the neighborhood to the south.

This is just a small window into our world here in Antofagasta. We invite you to come and visit us and see it all in person.

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