Posted on January 5, 2021 by Matt Postiff

Are you Missing Church Fellowship? So are People in Chile!

Daryl and Earlynne Thompson

Daryl and Earlynne Thompson have been ministering well into what many would call their “retirement years.” They live in Villa San Ramon near Temuco, Chile and are holding Bible studies by Zoom or Google classroom and in person when the government COVID restrictions are eased. They have prayer meeting tonight, Bible study on Friday, and “church” services on Sunday. Daryl also teaches theology and ministry courses at the Bible institute.

They have not been able to meet with Chilean believers in their church building since March 2020. A deacon has helped to maintain the facility in their absence. They have been able to meet on a limited basis in some church family homes, but only in very small groups.

Older folks in the church who do not have Internet or know how to use it are especially isolated. When they can finally see their fellow believers on Zoom after a long time apart, they are so delighted. It warmed this editor’s heart to hear that report and it seemed good to share it with our Southern Sentinel readers.

Please pray for countries where restrictions are even more difficult than what perhaps what you have experienced. Pray for believers who have been isolated. Pray for missionaries whose ministries have been curtailed, yet who have found new ways to serve the Lord. Pray for projects that have been stalled, camps that have been canceled, classes that have moved online, and for in-person fellowship once again to be restored.