Posted on July 31, 2015 by admin

Back in Chile

Missionaries Dan & Becca Vallette have completed their home ministry and are back on the field in Chile. They express thankfulness for those who helped pack, provided meals and transport, and prayed for them as they moved to Chile. The house they expected to move into is not ready for occupants yet. So, they have learned again that one of the rules of being a missionary is, “plans are subject to change at any time without prior notification!” But, there are a bunch of other things they thank the Lord for.

They ask prayer too, for:

  • Legal paperwork for the family.
  • Our family to find a “new normal” because we are in a new country, our oldest son stayed in the States for school, and a new school for all the kids.
  • Priorities that honor God. The work at Camp Pirque is overwhelming. So much to do. We need to establish our home, get the kids settled in school and move forward in the work at camp.
  • A vehicle. While the metro system is great, we see a need for a reliable vehicle suitable for
    our family and a guest or two.
  • Lives that honor God daily. He is faithful!

May the Lord bless your ministry, Vallettes, and may Camp Pirque overflow with campers young and old hearing God’s Word and making decisions to follow the Lord with their lives. Soli Deo Gloria!