Posted on November 23, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Back in the Saddle Again: Camp in Lican Ray, Chile

Pastor’s Conference at Camp

Because of the unrest and looting in the capital city, we were asked to host the AVANCE pastoral, a conference geared for teaching and training pastors ministering in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Although many pastors were not able to attend, the camp hosted 70 some men for two days of teaching. We thank God for the safety He gave to those who traveled, the fellowship around the table, and the workshops. As a staff and camp team, we were thankful for being able to buy the food necessary and have the camp ready in time for the event.

Please pray for upcoming events including workdays on camp, Bible quizzing competitions, and thanksgiving celebration with fellow missionaries. There is an upcoming retreat, baptism, wedding, and missions conference.

We are thankful to be home once again. After unpacking suitcases and getting our bearings, we dove into homeschooling, preaching preparations for the week, and working on camp. We are thankful for our coworkers who kept the camp looking tidy over the winter months and advanced some of the maintenance projects. This month our architect is working on drawing up the plans for the camp chapel and we are praying that soon those plans can be submitted to the municipality for approval. Pray with us that God would continue to supply the needed funds to build the chapel on camp.

As we returned to church life in Lican and Challupen, we were thrilled to see our loved ones there. Even better, we saw faces we did not recognize as new people have been coming recently. Pray with us that we would be an encouragement to the believers and to those who are just getting to know the church.

The kids are back in school and are counting down the days until their summer break. Yep, we just went from one summer in Chile, to one in the States, and now back to one here. We got a little behind with all the traveling, so we would ask that you pray that the kids be diligent to finish their school work on time to enjoy camp in the summer months coming up.