Posted on March 29, 2018 by Matt Postiff

Bible Correspondence Courses from Temuco, Chile

Teresa Thompson (pictured below, left) shared the following regarding the Bible correspondence course that she is involved with, along with missionary Gabriele Beyer (pictured above, on the right).

March is here once again, and for us at the Bible correspondence courses that means movement has picked up. People are back from their summer vacations and have recharged for the new year. In these first fifteen days we already have nine new students for whom we praise the Lord!

A few months ago someone asked us what our purpose was for having Bible correspondence courses. In the following lines, I would like to share with you a little bit about our history, purpose and day to day operation.

In the U.C.B. (Association or “Union” of Bible Centers) this ministry has been around for a many, many years. In the past we had local offices in Santiago and Temuco. Today we have everything concentrated in Temuco. Many missionaries and brethren have contributed to this ministry from its beginning up until now.  Janet  Drukenbrod is one of the first missionaries that we have registry of in the mid 1900’s. Others who came later were Hilda Swanson, Monica y Christina, Cliff y Cathy Truman, Charles and Delphine Hammel, Helen Prado, Aliani Valencia, Margarita Palacios, Lina Sáez, Mauren Céspedes, Damaris Pérez, just to name a few.

Today our team is comprised by Gaby Beyer, Thamar Beas and Teresa Thompson. Gaby Beyer has led this ministry since 2006. Thamar has been helping since 2015 and Teresa since 2012.

Our purpose is to provide people with Bible study material that can help them to better know the Word of God.

The courses are available to all people; believers and unbelievers alike. The believer can grow and mature in his understanding of the scriptures and the unbeliever can be exposed to his need of salvation in Christ by the study of the Word. We have courses for children, teens, and adults.

The courses are free of charge for those who enroll in our program. This means that we provide the booklets and the students return the exams to be corrected and graded. The only thing that students pay for is the mailing cost, when there is one.

We have students from Temuco and the surrounding countryside, and all throughout Chile. We have had several groups who have taken courses. One group was from the local jail. Today we have a new group of 24 people from Arica (northern Chile).

There are also members from our local churches in the country areas who study the Bible correspondence courses as a way to grow in their personal understanding of the Scriptures.

Three years ago, elders from the local churches were challenged to study the course we have on the book of Acts. Several of them took the challenge.

This past year we had a young man who had begun to study in 2009 return to continue studying. He has now finished one series and will continue with another.

In December a group of seven your teens from a country church in Quino, IX region, completed a series. It was a joy to be able to present them with their diplomas!

We are so thankful for the generous offerings that are given to the ministry. We recently received an offering that will allow us to renew our current stock of books for this year.

Many of our students who live locally bring their exams personally to our office to be corrected. This gives us an opportunity to get to know them much better, and sometimes counsel with them.

Our office is temporarily located on the same grounds as the Bible Institute, at least for this year. We would appreciate your prayers as to where the Lord would have us to continue.