Building Teams

Short-term Investments Long-term Dividends

Over many years, thousands of man-hours have been invested and tens of thousands of dollars saved by teams coming to help build and renovate facilities for Great Commission ministry, including church buildings, parsonages, Bible colleges and Christian camps. Through this hands-on ministry missionaries, national pastors and local believers have been edified and challenged; ongoing friendships have been forged among visitors and Nationals; and innumerable lives have been impacted for missions. Some participants keep coming back, others are burdened to support missionaries or projects financially, still others have been called into full-time missionary service, but without doubt, all can pray more effectively for world missions.

Would you consider investing some vacation time, skill and muscle in projects that facilitate Great Commission ministry? Get an idea of the scope of opportunities by looking at some of the facilities needs. Trips usually last tend days to two weeks, but if you have less time or would like to stay longer we can make that happen too.

GMSA sponsored building teams are planned every year from Canada, the UK and the USA. These teams have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Please check here for updates.

  • From the USA Fall 2021 A team is being planned for Argentina October 7-21, and for Chile October 21-November 4. We’re seeking a minimum of 15 to 20 volunteers for each two week block. For more information send an inquiry here.
  • From Canada  A Team from Canada may be organized for next spring. For more information click here.
  • From the UK A team from the UK may be organized for next spring. For more information about participating click here.