Posted on August 31, 2021 by Tom Gibbons

Burkholders Join GMSA Retirees

Life is full of debuts, departures, gooddays, and goodbyes.

There is a time to come ( Ecc. 3:1).

We first crossed paths and shook hands with GMSA in the early 1980’s. A friend from Bible College, Pastor John Kenyon, and my late father in law, Pastor David Clarke, were on the Canadian Board, and twisted our arms until we said “ GMSA.”

At first we were observers, but before long we would see that GMSA was a “gospel mission.” So we pulled up a chair, sat down at the table, and with my wife Margaret have held hands with the Mission ever since. One’s steps are ordered by the LORD!

Along with being a Board member, we have served as Canadian Reps since 2014. Our objective has been threefold: to make GMSA better known, to challenge people to partner with their time, treasure, and/or talent, and to be a Barnabas to our many co-workers in the LORD.

We might have done more but hopefully we’ve done a little something to advance the great cause of Christ. We would be amiss if we didn’t mention our gratitude for your friendship and encouragement. Thank you, and God bless you really good!

There is a time to go (Ecc. 3:1).

On August 31 we will say “adios” to GMSA, and “hola” to a new season of life: retiring as “home missionaries,” but remaining as missionaries from home. We don’t know how the future will unfold, but we do know Who holds us in His hand (Is. 41:10; Ps. 90:1,2)! We’re not going to become “rock and rollers”: rolling out of bed in the morning, and rocking the rest of the day away in a chair. As God gives grace and strength, we want to finish well, and do something for Him (Deut. 33:25).

We praise the LORD that we can sit up and take nourishment, standing right side up, instead of laid out straight. We have hope from above, and help for below (Ps.146:5). God is faithful, and He is able (1 Thess. 5:24)!

God is faithful in calling and keeping you. Circumstances will change, but Providence will not. The LORD is unchangeable and immutable. Jesus is the same – yesterday, today, and forever (Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8)! God can do what needs to be done. Imagine it, dream it, and be bold. Everything is possible, and little is much when God is in it (Eph. 3:20;, Phil. 4:13,19; Heb. 4:16).

As we part, we pray for one another. Things happen when we do. Blessings come down when prayer goes up! And so we end with “una bendición”: “The LORD bless you, protect you, smile on you, be gracious to you, show you favor and give you His peace” (Num. 6:24-26).

Keep looking up and going ahead. There’s a crown to wear and a ”well done” to hear. We will meet again – down here, in the air, or over there!

Dan & Margaret Burkholder