Posted on September 27, 2018 by Matt Postiff

Camp Pirque Update September 2018

Missionaries Dan and Becca Vallette write on some “numbers” from near Santiago, Chile:

We arrived in Chile three years ago.  One son was left behind to study and now there are two sons studying at Bible College.  We are now left with two daughters who make life interesting.  It seems like we arrived just yesterday and at the same time so long ago.  So much has been accomplished to better the physical aspect of the camp as well as establish relationships with those around us.

The camp celebrated its 30th anniversary this past August.  It was neat to look back on the pictures and hear accounts of the beginnings of the camp by the first camp director, Terry Thompson, and others.  It is a privilege to be a part of serving at camp.  Thank you for being a part of the camp ministry as well.

The first church service was held at the newly renovated (small) church building on the camp property August 19.  Two years ago, a Bible student named Andres Cordero presented his senior thesis about planting a church in Pirque.  According to his research, the growth rate in Santiago proper was 8% while the growth rate in Pirque was 32%.  Many people are now living in Pirque for a variety of reasons – better air quality, open space, possibility of working at home, etc.

The church which we attend had the vision to send Andres and his wife, Mary, out as missionaries to Pirque.  Not only do they provide his financial support, they have formed a team that has helped promote this work and also helped with the physical renovation of the church building.  It is great to see the Chilean local church take responsibility and leadership for this new work.  We help and serve alongside them.

Unfortunately, after three years of building up a supply of tools for camp, the container in which the tools were stored was broken into and a large amount of tools were taken – drills, power washer, compressor, sanders, welding equipment, chain saw, etc.  The loss is estimated to be about $5,000.  The quick action of a neighbor prevented the loss from being even more substantial.

A work team from Orwigsburg, PA came here for one week.  Among the jobs they tackled was the sanding and staining of the entrance porch to the new camp office, paint the upstairs hand railing of the new building and a member of the team worked on the repairing of some of our small engine machines.