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Carmelo Answers TV

This article is about a unique outreach opportunity in Uruguay created by missionary Mariano Proto and his co-worker Pablo DeGodos. Mariano writes:

Back in April after our arrival as missionaries church planters in Carmelo Uruguay, our desire was to begin to get involved in our community right away by providing a tool that will help us to get in touch quicker with people, as well a tool to help people to realize their spiritual need for Christ. So we created Carmelo Responde (Carmelo Answers) Podcast. Carmelo Responde tries to provide answers to issues of life such depression, stress, anxiety, suicide, moral and emotional abuse, fear, etc. through the lens of the sufficiency and authority of scriptures for all matters of life. (2 Pet 1:3).

So with the tools that we had at hand we created a fan page on Facebook where people can follow and listen to 10 minute audio recordings about these topics. This permitted us to make contacts with people who “liked” our page or asked any questions. Our goal then is to be able to meet them on a more personal level by seeing them face to face. This model has been used successfully in other places around the world with radio ministry, and we wanted to see how God could use it here.

We were unsure how the Lord could use this idea to reach people in our town, but when we met Sebastian, the owner of Carmelo Portal, we came across an even better way to reach people. Carmelo Portal is a Facebook channel with more than 10,000 followers via Facebook in our community. I asked Sebastian for some tips on how to promote our fan page and be more visible in our community, He suggested that we broadcast a live program to the community through his Carmelo Portal page where we could get access to more people in the community. I thought that was an excellent idea, but it wasn’t free. He asked $142 dollars monthly to broadcast four programs a month. In that time, we could use a portion of time on live “TV” to talk about whatever topics we desired.

The Lord provided through an individual here in Uruguay $500 so that we could do this program until the end of December.

Now we have about 700 “followers” from Carmelo and also other Latin American countries. We are trying to visit as many of the local people as we can, and to give them a little Christmas gift of food, a tract, and a Bible or New Testament. We are praying God will supply our needs to make this possible so that we can focus the people we meet on the real meaning of Christmas. (In Uruguay, Christmas is “family day” and has no official connection to Jesus Christ.)

By God’s grace, we want to generate contacts that will form the future core group of a new local church in Carmelo, Uruguay. Carmelo Answers TV is one tool that we are using to accomplish that. We want to share the Scriptures to provide answers to people who are in real need, and then invite them to our Bible studies as we begin public services next year.

  • Would you pray that God will help us to run the program through 2017?
  • Would you pray that God will help us to make face-to-face contact with the people watching the program?
  • Would you pray every Monday at 7:30 eastern time that God will give us contacts through the TV program as well as other means so that we can see them added to the church?

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