Posted on October 6, 2021 by Tom Gibbons

Celebration Invitations

Curtis & Diane Steward – Coquimbo, Chile

After almost exactly a year and a half of exclusively online services, this month of September we were able to resume once-a-week Sunday-evening meetings in a borrowed church building. Although Curtis and I were unable to attend the very first time (precaution due to bad colds, but apparently NOT Covid), this was a huge step forward and a wonderful CELEBRATION for the entire congregation. A moment for tears of joy!

September is always a big month of spring celebrations for us. First, the 3-day Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) picnics with our super-patriotic Chilean friends. Then we have 2 birthdays just weeks apart plus our 42nd wedding anniversary. Friends from around the country sent greetings for Diane’s online birthday, but by Curt’s birthday we were able to have friends in as well as actually go out for our anniversary!

During September, our kids’ club, Counter Current, celebrated a re-start. Our online Women’s Time continues well and has re-launched a Bible study on Revelation 1-3 which I wrote some years ago, with blessing! We also enjoyed a recent online celebration for retiring Chilean pastors, many lifelong colleagues.

Several months ago, our mission elected to hold our annual conference near the Florida headquarters this coming January, for the first time ever. This is due to the ongoing uncertainty of quarantine and travel restrictions in South America and the missionaries’ desire not to miss another year of fellowship and encouragement. Curtis and I plan to travel mid-November to visit our family for the first time in 3+ years (especially elderly parents) and care for necessary business and paperwork. Christina aims to return with us to consider working and serving in Chile. A welcome celebration—she hasn’t been back since leaving to study 4+ years ago.

Praise and Prayer

• Praise the Lord for Francisco’s salvation. Pray for his marriage and family.
• Praise that the new-to-us vehicle (which broke down shortly after we bought it in July!) was finally fixed a couple of weeks ago.
• Celebrate with me the publication of my book, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, set in the Chiloé Islands of Chile. For more information, visit Seaglass Sagas or the book’s Amazon page.
• Thank the Lord for His direction NOT to move ahead with a couple of church properties recently looked at. Pray for the right place at the right price and the right time. (Hopefully soon… )
• Pray for details of our upcoming trip to the US and Canada: preparations, safety, blessing, etc.
• Pray for several dear ones with cancer: Myrian (a pastor’s wife here in Coquimbo), Raquel (a former student in Santiago), and my niece Jennifer.

Curtis & Diane Steward