by Auntie Win Strong

About the Illustrator

Winifred Bixby Strong’s first home was Cleveland, Ohio. As a small child, she came to know the Savior. She recalls seeing a tract when she was older. “My eyes were opened when I read that tract that someone had left on the doorstep.” As a young lady, she consecrated her life to serve the Master. Win taught kindergarten as well as studied art in Philadelphia. While taking a two-year Bible course at the same school, she and Bill Strong (son of GMSA founder) became good friends. April 14, 1933, found them being united in marriage in Sherman, N.Y. even though the groom would be leaving the next day for New York City to take the ship back to Chile. Win had a contract to fulfill for the school year so it wasn’t until September that they were able to establish their first home.

The house was modest indeed but it was the only one available as they lived among the Mapuche population. The rough boards had great cracks letting in the cold wind through the walls and floors. When it rained, they knew it by the leaks in the roof, but it was HOME. By this time Bill had made progress in the Mapuche language. Win was helped both in the house as well as in Spanish by a young girl, Marta. They had a vision for the work of the Lord. Many days Bill would load his saddle- bags with tracts, portions of the Word of God and a few sandwiches wrapped in newspaper when there was nothing better available. He would set off to give the Gospel to all he met.

In true missionary style, when a work would become established, the Strongs would move on into a new area. Whether it was on foot, horseback or later on with a vehicle, it was all with one aim in mind - to get the Gospel to the rural population of southern Chile. The Lord eventually gave the Strongs five children, though one passed away while small. Their home was always known for its hospitality and concern for others.

Over the years, Auntie Win used her artistic ability to do drawings for children’s papers. Her desire would be for these to continue as resources for parents and teachers to help children hide God's Word in their hearts.