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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

1 Cor. 3:11 ”For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Foundations are critical to any structure, cause, belief or any other thing which comes as the result of a building process. Everything is built on something. This was illustrated for me again as I passed a construction site recently. In past months this area had been a corn field. Now the field has been plowed and the land has been surveyed and excavated. New contours of the land have been established to facilitate a proper flow for sewage and water. Ditches have been dug to put in plumbing and electricity in preparation for homes. Roads have been staked and base has been laid to make way for roads. Months of “foundation” work will have been done before the first house goes up. The foundations built now, then, are critical to the development of good and solid construction later.

We see application for that on several levels. First, concerning our relationship with God; our relationship with Him is solidly founded on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we have no foundation for a relationship with God. Second, on that same foundation rests the progress of our sanctification. Our life of faith begins with Christ and continues on that basis until we are like Him. Third, all of our ministry in local churches and ministries abroad, are established on the foundation of Christ. It is upon that foundation which we endeavor to build with “gold, silver and precious stones.”

In our ministry to Argentina we see foundations being established on other related levels. In order to be sustained on the field, we share our ministry with local churches and trust God to give us ministry partners who will “hold the ropes” for us in prayer and financial support. This work is almost complete in our case as we have finished our pre-field work until next summer. This January we will head to Texas in order to attend language school where yet another foundation is laid in Spanish language acquisition. While these two critical foundations are being laid, it is also vital that a solid foundation be set for the future Seminary. Core curriculum, library, funds and facilities are being worked on to prepare for students who will be trained (and more foundations laid) to work in the fields of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and beyond.

These are slow, long and critical processes that must be patiently endured if we wish to see solid ministry “structures” built that will adequately testify of Christ, our foundation.

We are encouraged by your patient, faithful support and encouragement as we continue to lay the proper groundwork for the future.

Paz y Bendiciones,
Dave and Patti West