Posted on May 13, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Gibbons Reporting from Northern Ireland

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

May 9 was the annual GMSA fellowship meeting in Portadown, Northern Ireland. UK Council members and friends of the Mission were in attendance for the BBQ and meeting which followed. We are thankful for Marcella Wilson and Sharon Acheson, who both gave testimony about their time in Chile at the January 2019 conference. Their husbands, who are both council members, were our speakers. Participants in last years GMSA work team also shared. An estimated 130 to 140 were in attendance for the event. There were churches represented that had never been, and we were blessed by the testimonies of those who’ve been to Chile and Argentina in the last year. Please pray for another GMSA building team coming together for Camp Pirque in Chile. 

We have been blessed by the love for missions and the knowledge of the GMSA we’ve seen in the churches we’ve been in. Yesterday (Sunday) morning we were in Lurgan Baptist where former council member Gordon Wells and his wife Margaret attend. Some may remember the name Dorothy Foster, who served with GMSA in Chile until 1973. Dorothy was from Lurgan Baptist. In the evening we were in Rathfriland Baptist Church where Ian Wilson pastors. Thank you for your prayers.

Please remember Raul and Jane Villalba holding down the fort in Fort Lauderdale.

Tom & Debbie Gibbons