Daryl and Earlynne Thompson – Bible Institute and Church Planting in Chile

Daryl and Earlynne have been with GMSA since 1969. They arrived in Chile after a year of language school in August of 1970. They have have been involved in church planting, Christian Schools, eleven years in camp ministry, Daryl served one term as Field Director, and since 2008, in Bible Institute ministry both in Santiago and Temuco.

They write the following, now that they are “retired”:

“We are now serving as elder in the Radal church [Daryl] with the goal of preparing future lay leaders. We serve under pastor Samuel Gajardo, who attends the work once a month. I am teaching the book of Romans each Sunday as well as teaching Galatians twice a month every other Friday evening. Earlynne teaches a children’s class on Sundays as well as being Sunday School superintendent.

Daryl also teaches in the Bible Institute, one subject each semester on Wednesdays for two hours. Earlynne goes in on Wednesdays to cook for the dorm students. She also disciples one of the lady students.”

Daryl Thompson Family