Sergio and Andrea Duarte – Uruguay Field Director, Bible Institute Ministry, & Church Planting

We joined the GMSA in 1993. From the time we arrived on the field in 1996 until 2018 were involved in church planting ministry, primarily in the city of Fray Bentos, and simultaneously, for seven years, in the city of Young. For the last eight of those years we were involved in the starting and development of FEBU (Spanish acronym for College of Biblical Studies of Uruguay). On February 20, 2019, we left the ministry in Fray Bentos in the hands of a young Uruguayan graduate of FEBU, Gabriel Martinez and his wife Valeria, to continue pastoring the flock there. The Lord led us to the city of Montevideo, where the Bible College is, to closely work in this ministry.

FEBU Chapel service during online chapel