Trevor & Esther Gillanders – U.K. Council Member

My Name is Trevor Gillanders, and together with my wife Esther, live and serve the Lord in North Belfast. I was born in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland, and am one of a family of eleven children, reared on a little 32-acre farm.

Like most people back then we attended church, but in reality, had little thought of God. Life was tough and difficult, and we were more taken up with making ends meet than anything else.

My teenage years were spent chasing after the world and what it had to offer, seeking thrills and pleasure, with little thought for God. I met Esther, who is now my wife, while we were both living this lifestyle.

Having married and setting up home, family soon came along. When our second son Raymond was born, he was born with Downs Syndrome, but he also had congenital heart disease. He was a very sick little boy. His medical condition brought a whole new set of circumstances into our lives. Our time was now taken up with his medical needs and care.

He was seventeen months old when his little body succumbed to his heart disease, and death took him from us. The day before he died, God spoke to me through a look Raymond gave me. His look seemed to say, ‘What are you rushing around for, what is life all about?’ The day of his burial, as I looked into his open grave, I said to myself, ‘Son I know where you are gone, but I don’t know where I am going.’

It was 22 months from then, that I trusted Christ as my Saviour, with my heart full of questions and emotions still very raw. But at that moment God gave me peace and a sense of relief from the heart break of our loss. God also gave me the joy of knowing my sins were forgiven and purpose for living. He continues to confirm His purpose daily, right up to this time, thirty-five years later.”

Trevor has served as senior Pastor of Christ Church, Abbot’s Cross Congregational in Newtownabby, No. Ireland since 2011.