Harold and Priscilla Goossen – Retired from Ministry in Argentina

During our missionary career (since 1974) we have worked in church planting ministries in various suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires, home to one third of the Argentine population.

Our first term was spent working under our field director and a national pastor in a neighborhood called Pasco.

Temperley was the area in which we ministered during our second term. We held meetings in our home for several years until the group was able to find a meeting place elsewhere. This church now has a national pastor.

Our third and fourth terms were in the suburb of Llavallol. Once again we began meetings in our home until we were able to buy a church property. One of our great joys was having Bible studies in the homes of a number of families. All three of our sons were valuable assets in our ministry and worked along with us. We also called a national pastor to help us in the work and he has continued there with this ministry.

Towards the end of our fourth term, the GMSA general director spoke to us about filling a need in the home office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We accepted and served there until October of 1999, at which time we returned to Argentina.

Harold was a professor and the director of the Bible Institute from 2001 to 2014. It was such a joy to have a small part in training young people to serve the Lord.

We believed it was necessary to retire in 2014, so we returned to the States to ministry to family and in a local church in Nebraska.

Your prayers for the ministry in Argentina are greatly appreciated. Please pray that the Bible Institute graduates will be effective as workers so desperately needed to evangelize and establish local churches in other cities of the Buenos Aires province and beyond.

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