Colby and Lesa Holmes – Church Planting in Argentina

We joined the GMSA in 1988, arriving in Argentina on August 13, 1991. Until 2017 we were involved in church planting in the city or Ezeiza, in greater Buenos Aires. There is a church now and our two sons- Benjamin and Samuel- help out in the music. We are praying for a Pastor that would love and care for the believers.

We are starting a new work in the city of Bragado, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We moved here on September 25, 2018 into a lovely home. We are getting to know our neighbors little by little. We pass out tracts to everyone we meet. Colby has gone to the parks and hospital to talk to people and give out literature. I talk to ladies I meet in the supermarket/stores/ street. 

We received a message one evening from a group of believers in 9 de Julio (60 kilometers from Bragado) who left the Pentecostal movement  and were looking for a sound doctrine church. We have had the joy of going to that city and starting meetings with about 20 people.  And now in Bragado we have two families and some of their relatives and friends (who also left the Pentecostal church) looking for a church. So the Lord is opening doors and bringing in young men and women hungry to hear His Word and grow.


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