Nigel and Charis Kissick – U.K. Director

Rev. Nigel and Charis Kissick were formally accepted as missionaries with GMSA and appointed as Home Director for the UK homeland on February 21, 2014. GMSA is thankful to have the Kissick’s as part of our leadership team, particularly for their heart for the lost and desire to see others committed to serving with us in the Gospel.

In September of that year after believing that God had clearly called me to serve Him full time; I applied and was accepted for training into the Faith Mission Bible College. I had the privilege of studying here for two years. Following graduation I joined the work of the Faith Mission where I was involved in evangelism around different rural areas of Scotland for a further two years.

“I was born into a Christian home, where both my parents knew the Lord as their Saviour. My sisters and I were sent faithfully to Sunday school both at our local Congregational Church, and also the Gospel Hall in our village of Moneymore. I am so thankful to those who faithfully taught me the Word of God and the need of salvation.

“After a service in our home church, as a boy of 6, I remember sitting by my bedside in tears. I knew that I didn’t want to go to hell and I remember my mother leading me in a prayer to ask Christ to be my Saviour.

“I would love to be able to say that great progress was made in those early years, but sadly as I got older I drifted away from the Lord. It was during this period in time that the Holy Spirit began to convict me of my sinfulness and the way I was living, but I took no notice.

“In 1993, a gospel mission came to our village, and although I never received an invitation to attend, I felt constrained to go along. It was as I attended this mission, the desire to return to God was welling up in my heart. On the final Sunday afternoon, while singing the closing hymn God spoke overwhelmingly to me again. After the service was over I sought God for forgiveness and with a renewed determination, desired to live for Him unreservedly.

“In April 1998 Charis and I were married. Together we have sought to serve the Lord obediently as he has directed us. He has opened the door for us to serve Him in different places since then, and always His Word has been our guide.”

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