Tim and Cristina Goossen – Church Planting in Argentina

We joined the GMSA in 1996, and arrived in Argentina in 1996. Since then, our objective has been to leave a self-supporting, self-reproducing congregation in Gualeguaychú with national leadership and a building in which to meet. To reach that goal we are evangelizing the lost; making disciples who will reproduce, and equipping them for the work of the ministry; training men to be leaders in their homes and in the church; and involving the congregation in offerings and labor for the construction and maintenance of the meeting place. Gualeguaychú is a city of about 109,000 people and known as the capital of the “Carnaval” in Argentina (a sensual and immoral parade celebration held for two months in the summer). As we reach out to the community we face idolatry (mostly Roman Catholicism), immorality, materialism, and relativism. But we trust that Jesus Christ will build His church in spite of the community makeup. Currently we have about 25 church members, are seeking the Lord to provide a national pastor for the congregation, and are in the second phase of the church building construction: This includes the main meeting place, two more Sunday School rooms, and a parsonage.

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