The U.K. Board of GMSA

UK Board

The U.K. board or council of Gospel Mission of South America consists of pastors and interested Christians who minister to provide counsel and assistance to the mission as well as oversight and promotion in the United Kingdom.

Pictured above are Rev. Trevor Gillanders, Mr. Joseph Crozier, Mrs. Daphne Hall, Rev. Paul Acheson (U.K. board chairman), Pauline English (since retired), U.K. Home Director Nigel Kissick, and Rev. Ian Wilson (October 27, 2017).

Pictured above is the U.K. Home Council of GMSA as of their May 2016 meeting. Visiting the UK from Argentina are missionaries Tom and Debbie Gibbons, on the far left. U.K. Home Director Nigel Kissick is in the front row, far right. In the front middle, holding the painting, is John Harrison, who retired from the Council at this meeting. To the right is Pauline English, who served with GMSA for many years. In the remainder of the back row are Mr. Joseph Crozier, Mrs. Daphne Hall, Rev. Paul Acheson (U.K. board chairman), Rev. Trevor Gillanders, and Pastor Ian Wilson.