Posted on October 27, 2021 by Kati Raven

Goossen Gazette

Tim & Cristina Goossen – Gualeguaychú, Argentina

New Believer in Church

One week before we came back to the States, we received an audio message from an unknown person in Buenos Aires. Our phone number was passed down to him through a long chain of friends and relatives. He told us about a young man serving in the military in Gualeguaychú who came to know the Lord through his online ministry and needed a local church in which to grow and be discipled. Nicolás, one of the leaders in the church, accompanied Tim to visit this young believer.

He told us his story. He had been convicted greatly of his sin and sought forgiveness wandering from one internet site to another, until he found hope in Jesus Christ. He eagerly had read the Bible through and desired to learn the Scriptures and how to live the Christian life. Nicolás maintains a discipleship relationship with him, and he is growing in his newfound faith.

Family and Ministry in the Midwest

Since arriving to the States for Home Assignment the Lord has allowed us to stay with Tim’s parents for a couple months while visiting our supporting churches in the area and helping Patricia and Ruth prepare for college. We have had wonderful opportunities to share what the Lord has been doing in Gualeguaychú, Argentina.

Sick with COVID-19

We are grateful for those who were praying for us during our battle with COVID-19. Everyone in our family got it except for Patricia, who was already in college. Cristina and Andrés had stronger cases and their pain and fever extended for about two weeks. Recuperating our strength and energy has taken quite a while, and we had to reschedule some meetings. But it looks like we will be able to visit all our supporting churches before returning to the field on January 20 of next year.

Our Children

Patricia settled on campus at Faith Baptist Bible College the second week of August. She is majoring in Biblical Studies with a World Missions emphasis. She also plays soccer and works in the dining services on campus.

Ruth arrived on campus at Appalachian Bible College over two weeks late because we were sick with coronavirus. It has been a challenge to catch up with the rest of the students. She is studying Bible and Music Pedagogy as well as working in dining services on campus.

Pray for Ruth and Patricia to adjust well to college life in a different culture. Since English is their second language, reading and writing demands more time and concentration. Both also need to choose a local church to attend and in which to serve during their college experience. Pray for them as they make this important decision.

Andrés traveled with us to Ohio and is attending Athens Bible Church. He continues to study online to be a system analyst and has a part-time job working remotely. Please pray that his job will become full-time. He has plans to return to Argentina January 15, 2022.

Ministry in New England

We are currently visiting our supporting churches in New England. We are thankful for the Mitchells who have opened their home for us to stay in while we are in the area. Lord willing, we will get back to Ohio on October 26 to share our report with the churches in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. Please pray for continued protection on the road and that we would be a blessing to those we meet.

News from the Field

After a yearlong close-down our church was able to resume the Kids’ Bible Club at the local Gym with the new health protocol. Most of those who attend are young boys who love playing soccer after the Bible lesson and come from broken homes and drug infested neighborhoods. Please pray that these kids will also come to our regular services and enjoy the blessings of a church family.

The youth group is going well, and some teens are participating more in the lesson discussion. Because of the lighter government restrictions everyone in our church is able to meet in the same service at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Last weekend our co-worker David West, who is the director of the Bible Institute in Buenos Aires, made the 3-hour trip with his family for the second time to preach and serve communion to the congregation in Gualeguaychú. We thank the West family for their sacrifice, and for the blessing they were to the believers there.

When we return to the field, we would like to begin our regular Sunday School hour again. Pray for wisdom, the right teachers, and a good group of children, teenagers, and adults to start participating in the classes.


The church/parsonage construction project is almost finished. Work to be done in the church includes a platform, a baptistry ladder, painting the outside, and finishing the gas installation.

Work on the parsonage includes painting, kitchen sink and counter-top, closets, and ceiling fans. We thank the Lord for providing funds for some of these items. Pray with us for the necessary funds to complete the project. During a time of low funds, Ricardo and Miguel, the two men from our church that used to work full-time on the building, were able to get another construction job on a farm. But on rainy days they work to finish the final details on the church.


We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your faithful prayers so that a church can be established as a lighthouse for Christ in dark Gualeguaychú.

Tim & Cristina Goossen
Patricia, Andres & Ruth