Posted on May 6, 2013 by admin

Gualeguaychu Work Team

This work team is just now building a car port for one of our missionaries. This will protect their vehicle from hail, an all-too-frequent occurrence in their part of Argentina. Bus drivers were on strike, but that did not stop the work team from traveling from the airport to the work site!

h1uvzzucYou might wonder why we post about GMSA work teams. First, because they are important to advance the work in South America in many different ways, whether it is in camp construction, assisting a missionary as in this situation, building a church, or remodeling a parsonage. Second, participating in a short term work teams is a great way to get to know your missionaries and the field, to learn about another culture, and to stretch your horizons for the Lord. Even if you are not a preacher, you can help the missionary endeavor! And third, showing these kinds of pictures is easier than showing how a missionary’s work over the years results in the growth of individual souls in the Christian faith, not to mention confidentiality issues in posting people’s individually identifiable pictures online.