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Introducing the Burkholders

Dan and Margaret Burkholder have recently joined the GMSA family as home missionaries in Canada. Pastor Burkholder and graciously answered a few of our questions so that we could get to know them better.


Q: How did you learn about GMSA?

A: My father-in-law (Pastor David Clarke), and friend (Pastor John Kenyon) were on the Canadian board of the mission and introduced us to GMSA. Subsequently, we served for a number of years on the Canadian board. A highlight was a visit to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay in 2000 when we were able to experience GMSA firsthand. Over the years we have come to know the vision of the Mission and the passion of it’s Missionaries. And we like what we see!

Q: How will you be serving in the mission? How do you hope that God will minister through you as part of the GMSA family?

A: We will be serving as GMSA Home Missionaries, and Representative to Canadian churches, organizations and individuals. Our overall goal will be to challenge people to be informed, pray, go and give. Specifically, we are trusting the Lord to use us in preaching and teaching of the Word, encouraging folks to consider long- or short-term service on the field, promoting opportunities to participate in special mission projects, organizing prayer networks, and staying connected with friends and supporters of the ministry.

Q: Was there an important experience in your life that encouraged you into global missions work?

A: In 35 years of pastoral ministry, we have been actively exposed to missionary work. Those experiences have helped us to be mindful of needs across the street, and around the world. From 2008-2013 we were involved in highway evangelism (Transport For Christ), and so taking the gospel on to the road is a mission we are happy to do, and we pray that God might use us to help others take a trip that in the end leads them to South America.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your family?

A: My wife Margaret and I will celebrate 39 years of marriage in June of this year. We both are preachers kids (so heard lots of sermons), and as a result of the love, influence, and prayers of godly parents, we came to know the Lord early in life. Margaret is the musician on the team, and so we welcome all opportunities to sing and preach the Word. God has blessed us with four wonderful children. and three beautiful grandchildren. All of our kids are living for the Lord, active in the local church, and are missionaries in their own fields, seeking to bloom wherever God has planted them. Of all our support team, our children stand out as they pray and cheer us on.

Q: Is there anything else you think might be interesting for us to know?

A: We like to encourage others, and our testimony to the Lord is simply this. God is faithful, and He is able (Eph.3:20; 1 Thess.5:24)! What we give He takes. What He takes He uses. And what He uses, He blesses.