Posted on June 12, 2017 by Matt Postiff

June 2017 Update from the Wests: The Unchanging God

“Porque yo Jehová no cambio; por esto, hijos de Jacob, no habéis sido consumidos”

(Mal 3:6, Reina Valera, For I am the LordI change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.)

These were the words given by the Lord to the children of Israel as they awaited the coming days of the outpouring of God’s blessing. After enduring decades of exile due to their rebellion, they returned to a decimated city of Jerusalem. They began the arduous work of rebuilding the beloved city and its sacred temple, and longed for some assurance of God’s good hand upon them. That assurance would be difficult to expect given the events that ultimately led to their difficult circumstances. Would the Lord really be with them? Would He indeed fulfill the promises given long ago, after they had so blatantly rebelled against Him? Malachi 3:6 was the Lord’s answer to them. Because God is the unchanging one, His unilateral promises are also unchanging. Good thing, else the sons of Jacob would have perished long ago.

We, too, trust in the unchanging character of God. The circumstances of our lives are subject to constant change. Our schedules change, our health changes, our plans are often at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control. But through it all we are held secure in the knowledge of a God who is sovereign, good and unchanging. And we have learned to trust Him without question.

This summer break from Language School has turned out to be anything but predictable. We have spent the last three and a half weeks learning of, and adjusting to, major changes in our circumstances, our children’s circumstances, our parents’ circumstances and even circumstances related to our language school. It is has been quite the trial, and we have had times of tears and discouragement. However, we have been given yet another opportunity to draw upon the strength and grace of God. We are allowed to see, once again, the faithfulness of the Lord as He directs us and supplies us with the wisdom to address change and the perseverance to continue doing His will.

After taking care of some of the issues on the home front, we have begun our summer deputation schedule. We have had wonderful meetings in Wisconsin and Florida. We are looking forward to finishing out the month of June with three more meetings here in Florida, and the Annual General Meeting of the Gospel Mission of South America in Fort Lauderdale. God is faithful, and we anticipate His good hand upon us.

We are mindful and needful of your prayers on our behalf. What a comfort it brings to our mind when we think of your faithfulness in this regard. Please continue to pray for us and for the work of the Lord in Argentina.

Paz y Bendiciones,
Dave and Patti West

“Trabajaré, Oraré, Mejoraré”
 (We will work, we will pray, we will improve)

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