Posted on June 27, 2019 by Matt Postiff

June 2019 Southern Cone Connection: Call to Serve

Dan and Liz Thompson sent their latest update.

As we sat around outside enjoying a time of food and fellowship at a pastor’s house not long ago, I looked across to two young ladies and point blank asked them: “Why don’t you come down and work with us on camp during our summer?  Why not?”

They did not answer my question, neither did they respond to the invitation, but the invitation still stands for those interested.  Why not you?  The experience of serving the Lord overseas can open your eyes to the many spiritual needs around the world. It can also teach you great truths about serving God. Truths like: I am never enough on my own. It is through His enabling that I can serve.  Sometimes when we are in our comfort zone we start thinking that we have it all under control.  Stepping out of your language and culture helps you realize that without Him you can do nothing.  How about taking the great opportunity to appreciate and learn about a culture and people you didn’t before know?  Would you consider coming and serving as part of our summer camp team?”  
We are opening a couple positions to those wanting to serve from outside of Chile. 

What would this ministry entail? 

  • Serving alongside our Chilean staff in the area best suited for you, whether it be in the area of service and kitchen (ladies only) or maintenance (men). 
  • Is there an age limit? Anyone can serve who has the desire and energy to keep up with the summer schedule of camp. 
  • Is there time for sight-seeing or other things?  Summer is busy and not much time is left for sight-seeing, though you would experience the local culture and the interaction with many from all over Chile. 
  • When is summer camp season in Chile?  January and February are our camp months. 
  • How long should I stay?  Plan on at least two weeks, though longer is better to get a real feel for the country. 

We are sure there are many more questions that could be asked, but maybe these are enough to interest you in serving with us.  Will you prayerfully consider serving with us? Contact us through the mission website to coordinate details.

The work continues with monthly work weekends.  Pray for Cheo and Andrea as they host the volunteers and coordinate the work. (Pictured above, volunteers framing up future bathrooms in the rec hall.)

I came across a quote the other day that went something like this, “if you harvest what you did not plant, remember someone else planted and never harvested.”  Paul reminds us of our call to labor faithfully and let God give the increase.  We are no less valuable or worthy if we labor our whole life for God and never see fruit in this life.  And in the same way, we are no greater because we see fruit in abundance.  Maybe many have planted and watered before we stepped in and harvested.  We are so quick to idolize those that enjoy a bountiful harvest.  God gives the increase.  Let us be faithful in laboring.

Thank you for your support through prayer and financial giving which allow us to labor on the field of Chile.  We love serving the Lord even though there are many challenges and difficulties at times.  He has allowed us to see fruit for His glory and lives transformed through the power of the Gospel.  There is nothing better than to be His and servants of Him.