Posted on July 3, 2017 by Matt Postiff

Land for a Church in Villa Regina

Argentine pastor Ricardo Daglio has sent some information about how the Lord has blessed their church plant with a small piece of property. Recently an offering was made that permitted them to begin purchasing the property. With a couple of more payments, they will complete the paperwork and be able to start planning to build a church building. Their goal is to quickly put up a phase 1 structure so that they can stop paying rent in their current location. Then, they can continue to expand the new building.

Above shows an aerial view of the land. Google Earth took the picture more than a year ago, so much has changed since then. A street now is open across the land as you can see in the next pictures. To the left is north.

This picture was taken from the north, looking down the new street.

This picture is from the south, one block away from the main street in the prior picture.

This picture is looking straight at the property from the new street. You can see the two approximate edges of the plot. There is a bottle to the left and a stone to the right. This is about 40 ft wide and 91 ft deep (under 1/10th of an acre).

There are houses and stores being built in the area right now, so the church will be surrounded by people. Please pray with us for the work to progress, not just on the building, but on the souls of people.