Posted on May 11, 2017 by admin

Lukewarm Christianity?

Missionaries Dathan and Allison Marshall challenge us with these words:

What is ‘lukewarm’ Christianity?  One simple definition for the term ‘lukewarm’ is someone who is neither hot or cold about their faith.  This term is used in Revelation 3:15-16 to describe those who call themselves ‘Christians’, yet though they give themselves that title, they are just drifting along in life, perhaps not investing much time with God at all (indifference), or attending church only when it is convenient, or maybe they have even lost a zeal or desire for spiritual growth.  Many people who call themselves ‘Christians’ claim to have faith in Jesus Christ, yet they do not (or only if convenient) study God’s Word, do not grow in their faith, do not live different than the world, do not passionately pursue doing what is right, etc.

The truth is that being ‘lukewarm’ is the most comfortable, most convenient, and the safest form of living in our own minds, which is why it takes a deeper faith to trust and follow Jesus Christ to a passionate life for Him.  Have you reached a point of complacency and spiritual apathy in your life?  Are you struggling to follow and live for Jesus, which is vastly different than the world around us?  Here are 3 simple practices to help boost your Christian faith and ‘turn on the hot water’ in your life:

  1. Daily pray, and study the Word of God (return and restore your relationship with God)
  2. Directly impact someone’s life around you (put your heart and soul into others; you might learn something, too!)
  3. Declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around you (a true Christian desires to tell others about Jesus, no matter the cost, and refuses to ‘blend in’ with the world).

Following these three simple steps will help you ‘get off the fence’ in your Christianity, and will reignite a passion for righteous living, not sinfulness, and definitely not anywhere in between!