Posted on March 28, 2015 by admin

Natural Disasters in Chile


Missionary David Flinck just wrote an update from the field:

Chile is the place to be right now for natural disasters.

  • Rain and flooding in the driest desert in the world (this past week).
  • Drought and wild forest fires in southern Chile.
  • Two active volcanos are erupting (recent weeks).
  • Earthquakes (today a 6.0 temblor within 150 miles of us).
  • The water has been cut from our city until 6 am Sunday morning.


The entire north is in a state of emergency. A sister church in Copiapo is affected and will need repairs once the water and mud stops coming down the Copiapo River. A delegation of our northern churches went to Copiapo today with water, food, and cleaning supplies with donations from the northern churches and individual families in the north. This is the first wave of help. There will be a need for many more waves to help the believers there.


Please continue to pray for us and this needy country of Chile.

People need the Lord!

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