Posted on October 25, 2017 by Matt Postiff

Need for Bible College Facilities in Uruguay

Missionary Sergio Duarte writes about the ministry of the College of Biblical Studies of Uruguay:

From the beginning, FEBU’s main goal has been to equip its students for service. We place great effort into offering adequate training to those that, by the grace of God, are being prepared to serve the Lord. In order to better  accomplish this objective, we believe it is essential to provide a place where students are not only receiving  academic training, but are also being discipled and challenged in both character building and hands-on ministry. Classes are currently being held in a church building, for which we are grateful. However, we see the importance of having our own facilities for classroom space and dormitories.

Every semester we have 20 or more students enrolled. Some of them come from different parts of Uruguay and from other countries as well (currently from Argentina and Costa Rica). The lack of housing has been a road block for some potential students who would like to come but have no place to stay. Therefore, the Building Project is critical to achieve our main goal.

The blueprints above show the proposed new building which includes dorms, classrooms, bathrooms, a conference room, and a library. You can play an active role in this exciting project: praying faithfully to God for His provision and guidance, coming down to Uruguay and lending a helping hand, or however He may lead. Would you help us to see this burden become a reality?

For further information please feel free to contact Missionary Sergio Duarte at and phone: 011 598 98811572.