Posted on November 6, 2017 by Matt Postiff

New Building Project at Camp Pirque

Missionaries Dan and Becca Vallette write:

Dear friends,

Thank you for you’re prayers. We finally started the bathroom project here at Camp Pirque. The idea is to transform the existing missionary storage building into bathroom, reception office and nurses station (for the downstairs) and an office and rooms (for the new second level).

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We had a very productive work team from Pennsylvania, led by Pastor Bill Park. The team came down to do some roof demolition for us. In order to start redoing first floor, we needed to take the roof off. We were very impressed with the quality of roof that we found. The wood rescued from the demolition will be recycled in other projects around the camp.

Here are some pictures that show the process of the taking off of the roof. We had to empty the maintenance building first (no small task), take off a side roof and then proceed to take off the metal sheets, and finally the trusses. We praise the Lord for safety during this process.

Thank you once again for keeping us in you’re prayers.

Continue to pray for safety during this process.

More pictures to follow as we progress.

Serving Him,
Dan Vallette

Editor’s Note: The GMSA family wants to express thanks to the Lord for a generous donation that was received for the Pirque Camp, shortly after this post was originally published. God is good and we thank Him for entrusting some more resources to us for His work.