Posted on December 20, 2019 by Matt Postiff

New Group of Believers in Bragado, Argentina!

Group of Christians in new worship service in Bragado, Argentina.

We have been praying for a new church plant ministry in the city of Bragado which is about 40 minutes from Chivilcoy. For the past year the Colby and Lesa Holmes family have been faithfully witnessing and handing out tracts in the community. Last month a group of believers from a neighboring city contacted Colby with a desire to meet because there is no church of sound doctrine close to them. The result is that they will be holding services every other week in the respective cities. Last week we had our first service in Bragado! Please pray for wisdom and growth as this fledgling group of believers grows.

Colby reported a little more detail this morning to the Southern Sentinel that he was contacted by someone in the neighboring city called Nueve de Julio. This person had been looking for six years looking for a church with sound doctrine. When Colby and Lesa spoke to them, they asked many questions. When they visited, Colby was asked to share the gospel, which he did from Romans 1:1-7. As a result, two families and an individual have started coming, along with another neighbor. The Holmes’s are praying that the Lord will grant them wisdom about when and how to carry on this ministry in two cities separated by 60 kilometers.

Colby said, “We have been doing door ministry to door here in our city, and at the same time God had been doing door to door work in our neighboring city. This is all of God’s grace!”

Editor’s note: sometimes the fruit doesn’t come directly from where we think it will. God arranges things so that He is glorified instead of us being glorified. We reach out in one place, and God sends people from another place. Join us in thanking God for His work!