Posted on June 13, 2019 by Matt Postiff

New Life in Christ

Pastor Ricardo Daglio reports from the church in Villa Regina, Argentina that the Lord is doing wonderful things there. He expresses that there is a need of more gospel workers, but they are waiting on the Lord to provide. “We could start a new church if we had a place to meet in the city of General Roca.”

Would you join Pastor Daglio in praying for this, and in rejoicing with him and the church about the following report.

Coco is a brother in the Lord, he is 42 years old. He started attending more than a year and a half ago. He struggled with depression and his brother (a member of our church at that time, and now of the Bariloche church), always spoke to him about the Lord. Coco and Erica were not married at the time. They began to attend on Sundays and during the week I visited them in their home in Chichinales, 15 kms away from Villa Regina.

Months later, Coco and Erica confessed that they had put their faith in Christ. Their growth was immediately evident by their thirst to learn, their impeccable attendance, and their enthusiasm to speak to others about Christ.

Halfway through last year they wanted to be baptized, but before that, they decided to get married. In the simple wedding that took place, Coco along with his wife expressed that the reason for formalizing the marriage was because of what the Gospel did in their lives. Then came baptism. Then the beginning of CCB classes in the church where Coco and Erica attend every Saturday. Now they are members of the church.

A few days ago I went to see Coco at the farm where he works, he has been a pruner since he was 14 years old. The speed at which he works is impressive. In his work, he is alone for many hours and takes the opportunity to listen to messages and Bible studies. He told me later in the evening when I went to visit him at his home with his wife:

“Pastor, I am doing the MacArthur reading plan with Erica, the one mentioned in Foundations Message 1. We read 30 times in a row 1 John, 30 times in a row Philippians; and now we are reading 30 times the book of Romans; 30 days chapters 1-8 and 30 days chapters 9-16. It is fabulous, encouraging and exhorting to see God’s work and how dispensable we are in ministry. To God be the glory.”