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News and Notes from Northern Chile

The Flinck’s write from Antofagasta, Chile:

Last week was a busy week as David flew south to La Serena for a national pastor’s meeting. The trip was extremely quick (only 28 hours away from home) but very encouraging on many levels. David was able to reconnect with several Chilean families that mean so much to our family.

The pastor’s meeting was well attended and was beneficial in the fact that each church gave reports on the ministry and we spent time in prayer for the needs and requests of the churches in northern Chile. Pray for the established churches in northern Chile. A couple of them are without a pastor and are going through a difficult time. There is a great need for Godly pastors and church leaders.

Yesterday, our group had a special service to plan the ministry calendar. In many respects, it was a business meeting. We have been praying for this meeting for a long time. It was an important day and service for the advancement of the church plant. David gave a short study on the reasons why we should be starting a New Testament local church in Antofagasta. He shared his heart about what God has already done and what we need Him to do or supply in the next phase of the church planting process.

God specifically answered our prayers in that there was a great spirit and response to the special service. An overwhelming majority were thankful and vocal about their commitment to serve the Lord in tangible ways during the coming year. A financial, service, and church library committee were formed. We are encouraged that some have stepped up to serve God in these practical and needed ways in our small but growing body of believers.  Several after the service mentioned that in all their years in church and church business meetings they have never been so edified in such a meeting. Praise the Lord for His work in the hearts and lives.

Pray for David as he will be teaching through the beginning of Genesis chapter three next Sunday. This is a very important chapter that teaches about the Fall of Man into sin.

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