Posted on August 30, 2021 by Kati Raven

News from Carmelo

Marian & Becky Proto – Carmelo, Uruguay

Teaching them to observe all things…” Matthew 28:20

We are so thankful for the faithful group of ladies who are eager to attend our ladies’ group every other Friday night. We are reading through a book together (Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth based on Titus 2) . The ladies are expected to read the chapter before class, then Monica and Becky take turns teaching/leading the group through a discussion and follow-up with verses and a short encouragement or challenge for the ladies over the content of that chapter. We began this study back in March, but then had to put a pause on extra church activities during the months of April-June when we had a high number of COVID cases in our town and in our country. We are so thankful that in July we were able to start all of our church activities back up again. This has been a great opportunity for our ladies to fellowship and grow as we encourage one another in our walk with the Lord about being a testimony and teaching the younger ladies in our church through our words and actions. Please pray that our ladies would continue to be interested in studying God’s Word and living out the Gospel!

“…commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Since the month of March, five men in our church began taking three classes with Mariano with the purpose to learn to study the Bible better but as well to lend a hand when there is a need to teach. We began with Bible Study Methods, we are currently studying hermeneutics, and then expository preaching. Eduardo already has shared a devotional in a men’s meeting and Ismael and Alejandro will share in prayer meeting while I am in the USA for 10 days. Pray as well for Lucas and Christian. My goal is to have these men fully trained in those classes to give a hand to Pastor Bobby during our 7 week furlough (Jan- Feb 2022).

Multipurpose Building

A building project can be compared to a new Christian. We want to see changes quickly and often that doesn’t happen. We are experiencing some delays in OUR timeline. So, we are learning many things among them is to have lots of patience. We still don’t have a bathroom for our church facility. WHY? You are probably asking. We only have one man who is hired from Montevideo. He can only come a few days a week. So, this makes the process much slower than we expected. The installment of the bathroom is getting close, but we also have to get permits from the town (which all takes time due to Covid restrictions). We appreciate your prayers in this area and many of you who have given towards this project.


Church Plant vs. Church Revitalization

Is there a difference? Many have asked me this question. The answer can be ambiguous. There are many things in the process of both that will repeat themselves. Last month the decision was made for me to lend a hand in a sister church an hour away from us. They have been without a pastor for 2 years and are down to 9 people attending. It is my desire and prayer that God will provide a faithful pastor for these folks. I also want to help them to grow in the areas where they have not been taught to function as a local body of believers. I am traveling every other Sunday (with a group from our church here) to provide 2 sermons and counseling. Please pray.

Please Pray:

• To be able to finish the multipurpose building by early October
• Mariano’s paperwork for residency in Uruguay
• Souls to be saved in Carmelo
• For wisdom and discernment to help the church in Colonia
• For the body of Christ in Carmelo to grow in maturity and unity

Mariano, Becky & Enzo Proto