November Prayer Letter

We are thankful for all the hard work from our local Santiago churches to get ready to host the tri-country Pastor/Missionary conference. There were several challenges that we faced in order to get the camp ready for the event.

  • Delays in getting materials 
  • Work delays due to holidays
  • Work groups not being able to come
  • Difficulty getting qualified personnel or them just not showing up
  • Machines not working or not working improperly
  • Having to change plans on the go

In spite of it all, we praise the Lord for all that was done.  We had people stay late working and spending some of their vacation and Saturdays helping where they could.  We are thankful for YouTube tutorials. 

Becca is recovering well from knee surgery.  The biopsy came back benign.  She has a couple PT sessions remaining.  Bending and extending ranges are almost 100%.  Sometimes with overuse (stairs in the metro) swelling can be an issue.  We are thankful for your prayer for her continued recovery.

Thank you once again for your faithful prayers for us, our family & ministry.  We are thankful to be back in Chile.

Serving Him,
Dan & Becca Vallette

P.S. Please find below pictures of the progress of the girl’s dorm project, the picnic tables and the cutting down of some dead eucalyptus trees.  Also, a reminder of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the mission down in one of our other camps in Chile, Lican Ray.

Family Prayer Requests:

Dan as he works at camp - safety and wisdom

Becca as she recovers from knee surgery

Keven as he serves at the High Point Academy in different areas (PA)

Bryan and Rebeca as they adjust to a new work schedule (PA)

Vanesa as she serves as an RA at Liberty University (VA)

Camila as she finishes her 1st semester at Liberty University (VA)

Progress in the girl's dorm building:

Installation of electrical panel, lights and receptacles:

Transformation of bedrooms:

Outside hallway transformation:

Progress on the picnic tables:

Cutting down dried up eucalyptus trees:


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