Posted on May 11, 2017 by admin

On the Ground in Argentina

The Marshalls are in Argentina! They ask prayer for…

1.     Our Paperwork Process:  as soon as we arrive to Argentina, we will have 90 days (maximum on our passport) to get several important documents translated and approved by Argentina government officials.  Please pray for a smooth process so that our family would be able to obtain permanent residency status in the future.

2.     Our Family Adjustments:  leaving the USA and our family and friends will no doubt be an emotional struggle for us, but it will be just as difficult to adjust to living in a new language and culture.  Please keep all our family in prayer as we acclimate ourselves to a new lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

3.     Our Health and Safety:  Please pray for travel safety, for good health, and for patience and wisdom in caring for Eliana.

And they praise God for…

1.     His Ongoing Provision:  although we have already reached the 100% support mark, God continues to provide through the generosity of other people and churches.  We thank God for meeting both our current monetary needs and some of our future needs as well!

2.     His Church Body:  it is an incredible blessing to have received SO much love, encouragement, and support from God’s people!  We not only thank all of you who fit that category, but we praise God for His promised care to us through your lives.

3.     His Word:  you know, in the midst of the chaotic changes that have happened in our family the past few months, one thing has been constant to guide us through all of it…God’s Word!  We praise God for giving us the Bible, which is unchanging and sufficient for all of life’s situations.