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On the Road Again…West Update


Missionaries David and Patti West wrote recently:

Dear Prayer Partners,

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me.” When Nehemiah addressed the Israelites who were living in Jerusalem with these words it became the turning point for the rebuilding of the city of God. It is one thing to see a need and quite another to do something about it. If we are to be convinced that a thing ought to be done it is a great encouragement to see “the hand of my God which had been good upon me.”

One year ago, Patti and I realized that if we were to continue to believe that God was leading us to Argentina we needed to see that good hand of His on our progress. We suggested a prayer initiative with our prayer partners that we would see 50% of our support by February of this year. While that 50% didn’t come in completely until April, it still came in. In addition to that, the Lord provided a replacement for our aging van. In addition to that, the Lord provided all the funding for our language school (for both of us, for both semesters, rent, books, tuition, everything). In addition to that, the Gospel Mission of South America received it largest gift ever and it was directed to the camp facilities in Chivilcoy. The gift was large enough to make the camp operational by next year if all things work out properly. For us it means that facilities will be ready and available by the time we are ready to start classes. We see God’s hand all over this ministry! You, our prayer partners, were instrumental to our receiving these blessings from the Lord as you prayed faithfully for us. We can never thank you enough, but we certainly do thank you.

As we head into our next year of full time deputation, we are starting another prayer initiative. We are asking the Lord to bring in 75% of our support by the end of the year (or annual business meetings). When that happens, we apply for language school, and then head to Argentina when the remaining 25% comes in. As we pray for this, will you daily join with us? This is something all of our ministry partners can do. You encourage us mightily with your prayers. If you would like to participate in our new prayer initiative by daily praying for the above goals, would you please let us know? If you let us know that you are joining in the prayer initiative, we will keep you updated on the support progress. May God bless you.

We would also invite you to check out our Facebook page called Wests2Argentina.

Your Partners in Christ,
Dave & Patti West