Posted on April 15, 2021 by Matt Postiff

Overseas Travel is Difficult!

Dan Vallette

Missionary Dan Vallette reports on his brief trip back to Chile.

Thank you for your prayers regarding my trip in February down to Chile.  The trip had its challenges:

  •  A negative COVID-19 test is required to be taken within 72 hours before you depart from the States.  
  • An affidavit needs to be submitted before you leave the States detailing your address, phone number and email in order for the Chilean government to followup of your stay in the country.
  • If you are not a resident or a citizen of Chile you would need travelers insurance in order to board the plane.
  • Upon arriving in Chile there was a long line of people waiting to be given instructions on COVID-19 protocol for the next 10-14 days. A daily email for the next 14 days was issued to monitor my affidavit statement.

After leaving the airport and upon arrival at our house, in Santiago, I was greeted by our dog Lucy.  It was great to be back in warm weather.  There were some repairs and maintenance issues with the house that kept me busy for the next 10 days of my mandatory quarantine.

At the end of my quarantine I was able to go out to Camp. I was reminded of the great work that was accomplished these past years but also the enormous work that still needs to get done.

Thankful for the opportunity to be Stateside at Easter especially due to the fact that in Chile they are not able to get together in person as believers to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection.

I had scheduled a return flight to Chile in  April to start with some of the projects at the Camp.  Due to new lengthy lock-downs in the country of Chile no workers or materials could make it out to Camp.  I had to reschedule my flights until later in May. 

We want to thank you once again for your prayers, interest and donations for us and the Pirque Bible Camp ministry.  Looking forward to seeing what our Lord has in store for us this year. Thank you once again for your prayers.

Serving Him
Dan Vallette

PS: Below you will find some projects that we would like to tackle this year.