Founded in 1923 by William M. Strong, Sr. as a means of evangelizing the military in Chile, Gospel Mission of South America (GMSA) continues to enlist dedicated men and women who will go, pray and give to enlarge the work. Supplication, service and sacrifice are needed so that the message of redemption might be presented through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Antofagasta, Chile

GMSA is a foreign missionary agency facilitating the outreach of the Church at home through Great Commission ministry in South America (Matthew 28:19-20). The Mission is baptistic in practice and cooperates with other organizations of like doctrine. It is composed of believers who unreservedly subscribe to its fundamental doctrinal statement and its Principles and Practice. We use three primary means to carry out our purpose and mission, the most important of these being planting local, reproducing, indigenous churches. In support of church planting four missionary/National run Bible Institutes and one multi-agency Bible college are engaged in training men and women for full-time ministry. This training ministry makes use of gifted Bible teachers to mentor and prepare leaders to serve in established churches, churches ready to graduate from Mission to National leadership, and for national and international missionary outreach. A third means to carry out our mission is Christian camping. Christian camps in all three countries serve as excellent venues for evangelism, building up marriages and families, encouraging and training leaders, general edification and church fellowship.

The GMSA is incorporated in the sending countries of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Quick Facts

  • Established


  • Fields of Service

    Argentina | Chile | Uruguay

  • Churches Planted

    Argentina – 11 | Chile – 57 | Uruguay – 5

  • Camps

    Argentina – 1 | Chile – 2 | Uruguay – 1

  • Bible Institutes

    Argentina – 1 | Chile – 3 | Uruguay – 1