Posted on July 7, 2014 by admin

Pastor’s Fellowship

GMSA missionaries are privileged to work alongside pastors in a pastor’s fellowship in each country where the Lord of the harvest has called us. In Chile, there are a great number of pastors who shepherd earlier GMSA church plants or granddaughter churches. You can see many of these works on our ministry map. Recently, missionary David Flinck participated in a meeting of a number of the pastors in the northern region of Chile. Following are some pictures.


Pastor Wilfredo Rodriguez in Ovalle.


Pastor Héctor Meneses in Alto Hospicio.


Pastor Víctor Beñaldo in San Juan, Coquimbo.


Pastor Raúl Javia in Vallenar.


Pastor Santiago Lépez in San Martín, Coquimbo.


Pastor Guillermo Soto in Copiapó.


Pastors Alberto Gonzalez and Pastor Heriberto Moreno were not in attendance at the meeting.