Project List

GMSA wants to thank its supporters for donations that have met many significant financial needs over the years. There are a number of projects that can use your help.


  • Chivilcoy camp labor and finances to build swimming pool and gymnasium/bathroom complex (estimates not yet completed).
  • Chivilcoy Church requires about $25,000 of building and renovation.
  • Gualeguaychu Church facility and parsonage is expected to cost around $100,000.
  • Villa Regina Church needs a building. At least $25,000 is necessary to start that project. The church is very thankful for donations that helped it purchase a small piece of land.


  • $75,000 Antofagasta church plant land purchase
  • $25,000 Punta Mira (Coquimbo) church plant land purchase
  • $5,000 ICAT (Temuco Bible Institute) multi-purpose tractor/mower
  • $45,000 Pirque Camp – 2nd floor on the first cabin


  • Labor to build camper and staff housing.
  • Paysandu camp large cabin with six rooms, $55,000.
  • Paysandu camp kitchen and dining hall expansion, $25,000.
  • Paysandu camp chapel/gym, $48,000.
  • Bible College equipment and furniture, $4,000.
  • Bible College financial aid, ongoing need.
  • Carmelo parsonage/church meeting location, $80,000.
  • FEBU (Bible institute) library books, $1,000.
  • FEBU building, $500,000.


  • If you would like to support GMSA missionaries or projects, you can donate through one of the means listed on the Donate page. We also provide the ability to donate through PayPal which can transfer funds from your bank account or credit/debit card.