Project List

The GMSA wants to thank the Lord and the generous supporters He’s used to meet many significant financial needs over the years.  As God continues to supply, projects that facilitate Great Commission ministry will be carried on to their completion.


  • Chivilcoy Bible camp: Click here to view a video
    • Labor and finances to finish the swimming pool (well/filter/earthwork/patio/fence) – a $14,000 needed to complete the project.
    • Completion of the second cabin complex – $33,000 needed to complete the project.
    • New mowing equipment and tractor/backhoe – $50,000.
    • Gymnasium/bathroom complex – $100,000.
  • Gualeguaychú Church facility:
    • Phase 2: sanctuary, nursery, one Sunday school room, wheelchair accessible restroom and foyer – approximately $31,000.
    • Phase 3: parsonage above the church – $50,000.
  • Villa Regina Church facility: At least $100,000 is necessary to start that project. The church is very thankful for donations that helped it purchase a small piece of land


  • Antofagasta: land purchase for church facility: -$100,000.
  • Punta Mira (Coquimbo): land purchase for church facility: $40,000.
  • ICAT (Temuco Bible Institute):
    • Multi-purpose tractor/mower – $5,000
    • A new Bible Institute facility will be built on recently purchased land.  The objective is for phase I to be completed by March 2020. This includes a simple house, classroom, dining room and dorm space. $150,000 are still needed to meet this objective.
  • Pirque Bible Camp: 2nd floor on the first cabin – $45,000.


  • Carmelo: parsonage/church facility – $150,000.
  • FEBU (University of Biblical Studies of Uruguay):
    • Land/educational building – $400,000.
    • Equipment and furniture – $4,000.
    • Financial aid, ongoing need (please consult).
    • Library books – $1,000.
  • Paysandú Bible Camp:
    • Labor to build camper and staff housing
    • Large cabin with six rooms – $55,000.
    • Kitchen and dining hall expansion – $25,000.
    • Chapel/gymnasium – $48,000.

For information on how to participate through giving click here.