Posted on September 30, 2014 by admin

Proto Update from Uruguay

Mariano and Becky Proto write in their September 14 newsletter: We praise the Lord for the opportunity to begin Bible Institute classes again this year at church. It was a matter of prayer to be able to continue the Bible Training with some of the people who were a part of our mini Bible Institute last year. It was a wonderful surprise and blessing to have 9 students enrolled. I (Mariano) am teaching Evangelism and Bro. Sergio is teaching Doctrines I & II.

It has been a blessing to teach Evangelism because it pushes each of us (myself included) to continue to focus and keep the
main thing the main thing. The necessity to share with others The Gospel, and as well fulfill the great commission. One of the assignments I gave to the class was to hand out 5 tracts per week and write a paper explaining conversations that they
made. It has been good to see them make the effort and stretch themselves to overcome fear and skepticism they might have. Please continue to pray for our folks here in Fray Bentos. (Eph. 4:12).