Punta Mira Church Plant

In August of 2022 the Punta Mira Church Plant was finally able to purchase a small empty lot in La Herradura, a neighborhood of the port city of Coquimbo, Chile. We are thankful that the final amount necessary was covered by the missionary body of Chile.

Over the following spring months (in South America) the congregation has cleaned the site of garbage and weeds, braced a leaning front wall, and put up a roofed hut required for the electric meter. A few weeks ago we met at the new property for a prayer of dedication after our Sunday morning service. 

The church leaders will meet on-site with a Christian architect who is serving the Lord in this way. We’re planning a two-story building to include sanctuary, classrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. It will be a tight fit and mean extra costs with the need for handicap access and a parking area which local building codes dictate. (This last area will double as a play area since we won’t actually use it for parking.)

Next on the agenda is the list you see under the “Projects” section of this page.

Also needed: 

• A shed for tools and building materials, porta-potties, and possibly a volunteer to live on site for a while as security might be a problem. 

• Replacement of the front wall to utilize the lot up to the sidewalk as the rest of the neighborhood has done.

• A decision re cement blocks or metal framework for construction, considering time, funds, and skills of the congregation.

The building we need and desire is an ambitious project for the space and even the resources we have available. But God is able! At present the Punta Mira church meets on Sunday in 2 private homes. Other church families host additional programs and activities on an occasional basis. 

Please pray:

• That we’ll be able to move into our permanent home as soon as possible. 

• About the situation with our new neighbors. Some have welcomed us warmly; others have verbally abused us.

• That the congregation will eventually be able to call a national pastor and formalize as an established church.

Recent Progress:

Ministry Team:

Curtis & Diane

Church Planting


Land purchase
Water and electrical hookups
Cement slab
Canopy for use during the the summer (Dec-Feb)