Posted on October 3, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Rejoice with the Stewards: 40 Years Married!

“Under the Southern Cross” is the missionary newsletter written by Curtis and Diane Steward. This month, they write:

September 29—our 40th Anniversary—has been marked on the calendar in red for months now, as we planned to share this celebration of marriage with the couples and families in the Punta Mira church as well as friends and Chilean co-workers in the area (the way we shared our 25th with friends in Santiago).

The preparations went on for weeks, and while the reception is over now, we’d like to pause to thank the Lord for the opportunity to bless and be blessed, to encourage and be encouraged, for the chance to renew old acquaintances and to give testimony of what God has done in and through our lives as a couple. “The best is yet to be!”

The newsletter also informs us that the Punta Mira church where the Stewards serve is busy this fall with all kinds of ministries. Please pray for their ongoing meetings with the men, the ladies, the elders in training, and the young people in the church. May the Lord strengthen His church. Let us also rejoice with the Stewards on the occasion of their anniversary.