Missions Internship Program

Are you interested in learning more about missions? Gospel Mission of South America offers a program called “Training in Missions” (TIM) that offers on-the-job training with “real live” missionaries on the field. You can spend a few weeks, a few months, or even an entire year exploring the ministry of GMSA, church planting, Christian education and camp ministries, and South American culture.

Perhaps God would use such an experience in your own life to guide your future.

You can see a brochure here and visit the website for TIM here.


Duarte November 2019 Update

Sergio and Andrea Duarte send us this update:

The Lord has given us many opportunities to minister in churches through different ways: preaching; teaching; representing the Bible Institute FEBU; taking students with us to serve together in kids clubs, youth ministry, music, visitation, etc. We are so grateful to Him for opening each door. It’s been busy, and being away most every weekend has unique challenges, but we count it a privilege to have a small part in encouraging the believers, challenging them for service, and pointing them to Christ.

A work team (pictured above) from two supporting churches in Iowa and Wisconsin came to our home in Montevideo for 13 days. We tackled together a building project at the mission house were we live. They certainly were a tremendous blessing and encouragement! Each day was filled with much work, cooking, laughter, getting to know each other, sharing God’s Word, and enjoying the fellowship. They also ministered at a local church through testimonies and preaching, as well as at FEBU. God certainly used them in the lives of thetudents in many ways.

It never ceases to amaze us how God always works far beyond the intended purpose of the work trip. He gives renewed vision for other countries; strengthens bonds among team members, missionaries, and the people He places on their way; He deepens the burden to pray for that ministry, and a stronger desire to serve Him. These are a few of the reasons why we love to have people come down and experience life on the mission field first hand.

So…when are you coming?

Prayer Requests

  • FEBU Graduation ceremony – December 7th. Two students graduate from the 4 year program. Some will also receive a certificate of completion for half of the credit load, and five pastors will graduate from the Pastoral Program. Much to be thankful for!
  • Summer ministry opportunities and conferences.
  • Souls to be reached with the Gospel and solid churches established.
  • Opportunities to continue to reach our neighbors with the Word.


Bible Institute Property Development, November 2019

Terry Thompson reports from Pumalal, north of Temuco, Chile.

Just a note of thanks for your prayers as we worked at Pumalal this last week with three of our grandsons and short term worker Ethan. The Lord prospered His work. The tops of three Hualle trees broke out during the week due to the heavy foliage and seeds (no wind storms). One fell into the creek, one into the upper roadway and one into a neighbor’s field.

We’re thankful to see the stud walls going up on the first staff house. About 10 cubic meters of firewood was split, the Hualle lumber was stored to dry under a new make-shift roof, several trenches were hand dug and earth was removed from around the tool room/carport building. We are grateful for willing volunteers.


Update from Dan and Becca Vallette

November 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

First, we would like for everyone to know that we are okay.  Friday, October 18th is a day we will not soon forget. Social/political protest broke out on this day here in Chile and seemed to take everyone by surprise.  The metro system, which serves almost 2 million people every day, was heavily damaged by arson and vandalism. The president of Chile implemented a mandatory curfew of 8:00 p.m – 6:00 a.m.. and the military were in the streets.   Most of the protests have begun peacefully but have deteriorated into violent confrontations between some protesters and police. Looting, vandalism, burning of buildings, are on the news constantly. We wait most nights to see if school is cancelled for the next day.  If there is school, the dismissal is earlier than normal, allowing students and teachers to arrive home earlier before things become ugly. The social/political issues are many, complex and deep-rooted. While we do not fully understand the complexities and implications of this unrest, we do know that the only true, enduring answer is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, many have asked about Bryan. Due to some health issues Bryan withdrew from Bible College this semester. Bryan is now here in Chile and we are seeking medical treatment for him. Please pray for his recovery.

Thirdly, a camp update.  We had two work teams from Pennsylvania come recently to help at camp.  The remaining section of the front wall is almost completely finished. The siding on the newly renovated building was put on, giving it a much more finished look.  The bathroom/shower section is just weeks away from being ready to use. We are thankful for the willingness of people to come and serve even in the midst of social/political unrest.

Lastly, prayer requests: Wisdom. Discernment. Safety. Compassion. Understanding. Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet.

Thank you for your prayers for us.  We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know Who holds tomorrow.

Serving Him,

Dan & Becca Vallette
Keven, Bryan, Vanesa & Camila


Back in the Saddle Again: Camp in Lican Ray, Chile

Pastor’s Conference at Camp

Because of the unrest and looting in the capital city, we were asked to host the AVANCE pastoral, a conference geared for teaching and training pastors ministering in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Although many pastors were not able to attend, the camp hosted 70 some men for two days of teaching. We thank God for the safety He gave to those who traveled, the fellowship around the table, and the workshops. As a staff and camp team, we were thankful for being able to buy the food necessary and have the camp ready in time for the event.

Please pray for upcoming events including workdays on camp, Bible quizzing competitions, and thanksgiving celebration with fellow missionaries. There is an upcoming retreat, baptism, wedding, and missions conference.

We are thankful to be home once again. After unpacking suitcases and getting our bearings, we dove into homeschooling, preaching preparations for the week, and working on camp. We are thankful for our coworkers who kept the camp looking tidy over the winter months and advanced some of the maintenance projects. This month our architect is working on drawing up the plans for the camp chapel and we are praying that soon those plans can be submitted to the municipality for approval. Pray with us that God would continue to supply the needed funds to build the chapel on camp.

As we returned to church life in Lican and Challupen, we were thrilled to see our loved ones there. Even better, we saw faces we did not recognize as new people have been coming recently. Pray with us that we would be an encouragement to the believers and to those who are just getting to know the church.

The kids are back in school and are counting down the days until their summer break. Yep, we just went from one summer in Chile, to one in the States, and now back to one here. We got a little behind with all the traveling, so we would ask that you pray that the kids be diligent to finish their school work on time to enjoy camp in the summer months coming up.


Thankful in Argentina

David and Patti West write in their November update:

Dear Friends,

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

We are thankful to God for each and every one of you.  We are thankful for your continuing interest in our ministry, for your continued prayer for us, and for our thoughts and remembrances of you.

In this month of “Thanksgiving” we realize that we have been endowed with many blessings.  Even in our time of difficulties (we all have them), we can be thankful for so much.

Dave is still in the recovery stage of his Bell’s Palsy, and continues to have some issues.  We are thankful that it is a temporary condition, he is regaining movement, he can speak understandably, and he no longer has the pain that was associated with it for the first few weeks.

We are a long way from our family, but are thankful that our family is growing.  We are expecting our first grandchild at the beginning of the new year. 

We are still waiting on our immigration paperwork.  Our temporary residency expired in the middle of August, but we have done all that we can.  For now, we wait and pray.  We are thankful for God’s perfect timing.  Because of the paperwork not coming through, we had to cancel our plans and flights to Chile.  Dave was going to go to a pastor/missionary conference while Patti and Michael were going to visit friends.  With that change in plans, Patti was able to attend our ladies’ retreat here in Argentina. Last Minute Update: We were notified today (11/15) that the paper we have been waiting on has been obtained from the government.  We are not sure if we will be able to apply it to our application from August, or if we will need to start a new application, but we are excited to have it and to now be able to proceed toward our temporary residency renewal.

We are thankful for the big group that came to work at the campground in October.  There were people from a few different States, and it was fun to see how they worked together and became a team.  Dave and Michael worked with them each day at the campground, and Patti went out about half of the days.  So much was accomplished and we are so grateful for them.  If you are interested in coming down with a work team, please let us know.  Dave was privileged to preach in English on two Sundays to the work team, and that was refreshing for him.

Dave has been doing quite a bit of teaching and preaching.  It is amazing how much more work is involved in those activities when you are in a different language and culture.  First, he needs to work on his lesson or sermon in English.  That takes quite a few hours and much thought and prayer.  Then, he has to write it out, trying to think of the Spanish way of saying things.  Next, he translates it and checks for correct grammar, sayings, order, etc.  After that, a man from our church looks at it, works on it, and discusses the translation with Dave.  After that is complete, he practices, practices, practices.  One difficulty is that in all his years of preaching, he has never used a manuscript.  With being in a different language, he needs to read what he has written.  Lately, he has been able to go “off his notes” for just a bit, but mostly sticks to the reading.  Please pray for him that this process will get more natural.  We are thankful for this great opportunity to serve the Lord.

We are thankful for opportunities to visit with our supporters.  It is a delight to talk and visit in person, whether far (via computer) or near (in Argentina).  We would love to be able to chat.  Feel free to contact us to set up a time to connect with you or your church.


That’s a Wrap – 77 Hours Behind Us

Dan and Liz Thompson report from Fort Lauderdale, FL:

It’s hard to believe that our seven-month furlough is coming to a close in just a few short days. We left Washington State at the end of September for our month-long trip and made it last night to the mission headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

There is just not enough room in this newsletter to share with you all the wonderful stops along the way. We reconnected with three supporting churches, some individual supporters, friends, and family. God was faithful in providing for our every need along the way and we actually enjoyed our treck across the southern United States with the kids. Thank you for your prayers and especially for your warm welcome and encouragement along the way.

We were recently encouraged to hear about how God is working to provide for the building of a new camp cabin at the Lican camp. These little cardboard cabins will be used to collect change from the boys and girls in Sunday school classes in the UK. We are thankful for how God burdens hearts for his work in Chile.

  • Please pray for safety as we travel October 28th back to Chile.  The country is experiencing some instability at this time.  We would appreciate your prayers for safety and for the Gospel to go out clearly during this time of unrest.
  • Please pray as we prepare camp for an upcoming pastor’s conference starting November 5th.
  • Please pray for the adjustment to life and ministry in Chile.
  • Praise! For a wonderful furlough and God’s hand of protection in the many miles traveled.
  • Praise!  We return with full suitcases.  We thank the Lord for the generosity of his people which enables us to return with some needed items for camp and some personal items as well.
  • Praise!  We are thankful for God’s leading and recommissioning to another term of service in Chile.  Thank you for being part of our team!


77 Hours in the Car?

Dan and Liz Thompson reported September 24 from somewhere on furlough:

In a couple days we begin our 5,000 mile journey to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. According to google maps this means 77 hours of quality family time in the car, at least we hope it will be quality time. As we travel, our stops take us to three supporting churches along the way where we are asking the Lord to renew contacts and raise up prayer warriors for the ministry in Chile. We also are looking forward to spending time with friends, individual supporters, and family before heading back to Chile on October 28th. We covet your prayers for safety as we travel, renewal of friendships, and special times with family.

We are thankful for the team God gathered to run the September youth retreat in our absence. God, in his goodness, prepared the service team, counselors, and speakers to serve and challenge over 100 young people. We trust Him for eternal fruit! Continue to pray for these lives and hearts impacted by the preaching of God’s Word to respond in obedience to what they heard during the retreat.

  • Please pray for safety as we travel many miles back to Florida.
  • Please pray for Cheo and Andrea serving faithfully at camp in our absence.
  • Please pray for the approval of permits for the Chapel project. 
  • Praise! Give thanks with us for a profitable and blessed time in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Praise! Rejoice with us for the many young people who came to the September retreat. May there be lasting fruit for God’s glory!
  • Praise! We are thankful for God’s leading and recommissioning to another term of service in Chile. Thank you for being part of our team!


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