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Wests July 2017 Update

David and Patti West send

Thank you for your prayer support this summer!

It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks we will be back in Texas ready to resume our formal language learning.  Less than two weeks.  Where has the time gone?

Upon arrival in Iowa after the first semester, we were busy with challenging changes. They were not in our plans, but they were in God’s. We were also able to get together with our sons, including our oldest son who just got out of the Marine Corps.  Then, it was time to head out.

On our way to Florida for the month of June, we were able to see Patti’s folks at their new assisted living apartment.  We are thankful for the way the Lord has provided for them.  Mike accompanied us on this trip, and we were grateful for the time spent with him. In Florida, we presented our ministry in two churches that do not as yet support us, and we updated our two supporting churches there. We were also able to help out at our mission office in Fort Lauderdale, and attend the Annual General Meeting of GMSA.  During this time our Field Director, Tom Gibbons, was able to discuss our future.  We are excited.  The desire of the mission is that we get to the Argentina as soon as possible after we graduate from language school provided we have enough support.  A lag in that time could cause us to lose some of our language proficiency.

Returning from Florida, we were able to see our daughter and son-in-law, as well as finish taking care of personal items.  Five days after returning from Florida, Mike and Steve came along with us to Hawaii.  While we are here for deputation and ministry in five churches, and they were here for one week of vacation.  Mike and Steve saved for a few months in order to purchase their tickets and fly with us to the “land of their birth.”  Having not been here for 12 years, it was a special time for the guys. While here, we are presenting our ministry in five churches.  Most of them are churches with whom we have had a relationship, as we lived and ministered on Oahu for 8½ years.  We will be returning to the Mainland on August 1st (after an overnight flight).

Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision of new supporters through our summer break ministry.  Please also pray for us as we head back down to Texas in early August. As of now, it looks like Mike will probably be going to Texas with us for the rest of the year.  Would you also please pray for his adjustment?

Thank you for your faithful prayers.  Thank you for your greetings and thoughts.  You are truly appreciated.

Paz y Bendiciones,
Dave and Patti West


Thanks for Generous Supporters

General Director Terry Thompson reports on a wonderful blessing received by the mission.

Dear Ones,

Luke 17:17 comes to mind when the Lord does a special miracle or work in the heart of one of His own. “And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?” In this Biblical example only one returned to say thank you, whereas it is apparent that all ten should have done so. So after learning yesterday that we received a large donation for GMSA projects for the three fields and the home end, I believe it is proper to give public thanks to God and encourage our people to do likewise. The Lord is able! He is also worthy!

Continue to uphold Pastor Bill and Betty Jean Park as they minister in Europe until August 22. Pray for several work teams preparing to go overseas from Canada and the USA. Pray for our people who coordinate and facilitate these efforts, accomplishing much good work and helping brothers and sisters in Christ see the Lord’s work firsthand. Expect great things from the Lord!

Grateful for your ministry through prayer,

Terry Thompson


Argentine Missionaries Meeting

A week ago, the missionaries on the Argentine field met for fellowship. Here are some pictures!

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GMSA South American Ministry Logos

We have collected a few logos for the ministries that GMSA started or partners with in South America.

The churches in each country (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) are part of a fellowship called the “Union de Centros Biblicos” which is abbreviated UCB. This translates a little better into English this way: “Association of Bible Centers,” which is in fact an association of local churches. The churches and GMSA together support Bible Institutes and Christian camps. Below you will find some logos representing a few of these ministries.

If you happen to have a logo for the other Institutes or camps, we would love to receive copies of those here in the U.S. Let us know by private message! Thanks for reading, and thanks for praying!


In Focus: Paul & Sharon Acheson

Rev. Paul and Sharon Acheson are a part of the GMSA family in the UK. Pastor Acheson serves on the council there. He has shared with us a testimony based on Titus 2:14. Read more here.


Work Trip: U.K. to Argentina

U.K. General Secretary Nigel Kissick sent us information about their planned work trip from the U.K. to Argentina in the spring of 2018. Please contact Nigel at the U.K. Home Office if you want to sign up to help this worthy project.


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