Blessed with a New Tractor–Soon!

More than three years ago, our old Someca tractor began having engine trouble and it was determined that the engine had to be rebuilt. After receiving an estimate, we decided that our funds would be better utilized by investing in a new more versatile tractor with a front-end loader.

After a year of looking, we found what we were looking for. The dealer agreed to take the old tractor and mowing deck as partial payment and we continued saving up for the remaining $18,000. It is with great joy that we can now announce that the Lord has blessed us with the funds necessary to purchase the tractor with a front-end loader and a two-meter mowing deck!

We are still waiting for delivery-everything moves a little slower during the pandemic, and the work needed to be done
will wait until it arrives, but what a great blessing to have the hope of its pending arrival! We would like to thank you for generously donating towards this necessary tool for the camp development! It is a great blessing for us to have you support God’s work in Argentina!

As you can imagine, camp ministry during a pandemic is just not a possibility. We continue with lawn care and plugging away at smaller projects, but we have not had an event in over a year.

We were blessed to be able to start having church services this past December with up to 20 people and we continue with this same permission for now. James is now overseeing the ministry at the Chivilcoy church along with missionary Colby Holmes. Please pray for healing in the church during this time of transition. James takes our oldest up to work at Alpine Ministries in West Virginia for the summer before starting college. Please pray for Hannah’s summer ministry and the many new experiences ahead and for the transition for us as we watch our first leave the nest. Thank you again for partnering with us for reaching the lost for Christ in Argentina!

Resting in Christ,
James and Donelle Morrell


Zeta, a Dog that Opens Doors

Missionaries Sergio and Andrea Duarte in Uruguay send the following update, written from Andrea’s perspective:

Two years ago our family moved from a smaller town to a city of a million and a half residents. One of the greatest struggles I faced was learning to connect to city people. You see, in smaller communities, almost every “passer-byer” says good morning, or nods their head when crossing by; running almost any errand you most likely encounter someone you know, and conversations start fairly easy; and so on. Very quickly I found out that idiosyncrasies of the big city are very different: most of the time people are occupied “doing their own thing,” running to where they need to go with an almost always present sense of mistrust, and most everyone is immersed in their “own world”.

I would cry and ask the Lord to show me a way to make contact with people around me, with my neighbors who live in gated homes as well as with those that I see going by my house everyday. How was I going to share the Gospel with anyone if individuals hardly acknowledge someone standing beside them?

God started to show me an “unconventional tool” I had right in my home: our dog Zeta. Every morning I let the dog out in our front yard. I began to notice that people stop to pet and talk to him; Zeta responds back with much love, and consequently we have “regulars” who drop by every day. So…he is a tool the Lord is giving me to start conversations with people!!!! Now, when I let the dog out I keep him company, and very regularly he “opens doors” to chat and connect with people. I have had several opportunities to share Christ with strangers right at my front gate through Zeta than any other way.

Several mornings a week the dog and I walk at a nearby park, and yes! … you guessed it! He has opened many doors there as well. As soon as I get home, I quickly write down the names of people I talked to and their dog’s name to remember next time I see them. My last conversation was with a lady who is “an atheist by choice” (that’s how she labeled herself), and we had a very open discussion on my belief in God, creator of the universe and His sovereignty.

I continue to learn that God is not “boxed” in certain ways or molds . If our heart is willing to share the Gospel, He provides “creative ways” to aid us in our journey. For me … it is our dog Zeta. What “unconventional tool” do you have at hand that can aid you in your witnessing?

Please pray for:

  • Salvation of souls in this needy country of Uruguay.
  • FEBU students and teachers as they finish first semester of classes in June. For more new students. Continue to ask Him for more laborers.
  • Our church: to be established, and for pastor Marcelo and family.
  • Churches in need of leadership who are facing discouragement.
  • A young convert Sergio and Martin are discipling.
  • Martin and Melanie – personal walk with God, strength and boldness to share their faith as they attend secular school and university. Patricia finished her first year of grad school at BJU. Provision of a summer job. Direction for her future.
  • Godly wisdom.
  • Sergio’s dad battling cancer.

Your Missionaries
Sergio, Andrea and kids


David and Patti West: It Has Begun!

Dear Praying Friends,

“He is risen!!!” These words ring out with joy in a troubled and weary world.  We thank God for the truth of these words. Jesus was fully God, fully man, He was sinless but He was crucified, and He rose again, for you, for me, for all.  What a joyous truth.

Our desire is to see others learn and grow in their knowledge of God and in their ability to share this good news with others. To this end, we are in Argentina ministering for the Lord.

Later, we will send a more informative update, but for now, this brief one will do.  Thank you for praying for the start of the Bible Institute classes! Our 2021 school year began on March 22nd with ten students.  All of our classes are being done by distance-learning this semester. Because of this, many who would not normally be able to attend classes due to distance, have been able to participate.  There are four classes in progress this semester.  Three one-hour classes (one hour weekly) are being taught by two pastors and one missionary. Methods of Bible Study, Spiritual Life and Biblical Hebrew I are being taught live on ZOOM.  Dave’s four-hour class, Panorama of the Old Testament I, is being pre-recorded and uploaded to the internet where it is available with a private link.

With the advent of the distance-learning, Dave has had to learn to record, edit and upload, as well as prepare in advance for his classes.  We have had a few bumps along the way, but that allows for learning and improving.  There has also been much development along the administrative lines.  We are taking lots of notes and hope that helps the preparation for the next semester to go more smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers for us.  Without you, we would be ill-equipped for the work that God has given us.  He prepares and equips, but the prayers of each of you help to strengthen and sustain us also.  Please stay tuned for a future more-in-depth update.

Serving with you in Argentina,
Dave, Patti & Michael West


Dan & Liz Thompson On the Move

From Chile to the US and then (hopefully) soon to Uruguay! That is what Dan and Liz Thompson and their family is expecting in upcoming weeks and months. They report:

We traveled from Fort Lauderdale, FL; then to Iowa; then to Michigan; then to Ohio; and finally to West Virginia for a few days.  We are thankful for the many homes who showed us wonderful hospitality along the way.  We presented our burden for Uruguay and its people in three churches and promoted the Lord’s work in overseas missions.

What a thrill it was to visit with our nephews studying in their respective Bible Colleges along the way and hear about how the Lord is working in and through their lives.  God is good! Micah is also doing well.  We spent a few days with him, getting to know his friends and enjoying the beauty surrounding Appalachian Bible College.  We also enjoyed meeting his pastor and church family.  We thank God for answered prayer and his care and concern for Micah in providing a great place to study, godly friends, and a church family who loves the Lord.

After our two week trip, we fell back into a routine of school in the morning for the kids and office work at mission headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The mission is receiving more helpers soon and needed some remodeling work done on mission housing.  We jumped right into spending most afternoons hanging sheetrock, laying Styrofoam ceiling tiles, and painting baseboards and door frames.  We enjoy the manual labor, but especially being a help where needed.

This past week, we filled out our applications for visas to enter Uruguay. As of right now, the country is closed to tourists, but some exceptions are made to special visas like the one we are seeking.  Pray that soon, we would have the visas in hand and have the go ahead to buy our plane tickets.  We are submissive to the Lord’s timing and trust that He will continue to guide our steps as we lean on His understanding and not our own. 

Please pray:

  • for the visa applications to be approved so we can buy tickets for mid-May.
  • for churches to partner with us.
  • for the kids as they finish their school year, that they would do all things as unto the Lord.
  • for our walk with the Lord to grow and bear fruit for His glory.
  • for Micah and his summer ministry at Alpine Bible Camp.

Thank you for your prayers. We are excited to be your missionaries to Uruguay, South America. Thank you for your part in our ministry through prayer and giving. We count it a privilege to serve the Lord as a family and we expect great things from God working in and through us.

Your missionaries and His servants,
Danny and Liz,
Micah, Matthias, Morgan, and Madeline


Progress in Carmelo, Uruguay Church Building Project

Missionaries Mariano and Becky Proto report:

Hi everyone, I like to share some photos that I took today on the advancement on the multipurpose building. I want to thank you all for praying and giving toward this project.

The multipurpose room will allow us to have two classrooms, church family events, kids-teens activities, etc. 

Please continue to pray for wisdom as we distribute the moneys to accomplish this phase. Please pray for missions teams from US to be able to come and to help us with the parsonage construction (the second floor in the background of the third picture) and the remodeling of the auditorium and bathrooms. It is a lot of work down the road, but we are trusting in the Lord´s timing.

The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1b)

Thank you!



Overseas Travel is Difficult!

Dan Vallette

Missionary Dan Vallette reports on his brief trip back to Chile.

Thank you for your prayers regarding my trip in February down to Chile.  The trip had its challenges:

  •  A negative COVID-19 test is required to be taken within 72 hours before you depart from the States.  
  • An affidavit needs to be submitted before you leave the States detailing your address, phone number and email in order for the Chilean government to followup of your stay in the country.
  • If you are not a resident or a citizen of Chile you would need travelers insurance in order to board the plane.
  • Upon arriving in Chile there was a long line of people waiting to be given instructions on COVID-19 protocol for the next 10-14 days. A daily email for the next 14 days was issued to monitor my affidavit statement.

After leaving the airport and upon arrival at our house, in Santiago, I was greeted by our dog Lucy.  It was great to be back in warm weather.  There were some repairs and maintenance issues with the house that kept me busy for the next 10 days of my mandatory quarantine.

At the end of my quarantine I was able to go out to Camp. I was reminded of the great work that was accomplished these past years but also the enormous work that still needs to get done.

Thankful for the opportunity to be Stateside at Easter especially due to the fact that in Chile they are not able to get together in person as believers to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection.

I had scheduled a return flight to Chile in  April to start with some of the projects at the Camp.  Due to new lengthy lock-downs in the country of Chile no workers or materials could make it out to Camp.  I had to reschedule my flights until later in May. 

We want to thank you once again for your prayers, interest and donations for us and the Pirque Bible Camp ministry.  Looking forward to seeing what our Lord has in store for us this year. Thank you once again for your prayers.

Serving Him
Dan Vallette

PS: Below you will find some projects that we would like to tackle this year.


A Year in Captivity

No, we haven’t got arrested (yet) for breaking our city’s second quarantine, but it’s a huge challenge to accomplish our errands in two 2-hour outings per week. At least we have a special dispensation to get our second Covid shot tomorrow. We’re reminded of the prophet Daniel, who from youth to old age—for nearly 70 years—lived and served God during the Babylonian Captivity. Although a year has now passed since many of us have been frequently “locked up” in Pandemic Prison, “the Word of God is not bound” (2 Tim. 2:9).

Let us share how the Lord and His word have been working since we last wrote. Despite being unable to meet for services in person, we’ve continued ministries on the existing media platforms, including a dynamic Sunday school and a summer VBS which reached into other communities. Unfortunately, no conferences or camps were held, but Diane spoke via videotape to our northern ladies’ annual retreat this month. Our own women’s group recommenced again a couple of weeks ago with around 25 in Zoom attendance.

As of the end of February, we are officially a homeless church with our “belongings” scattered. The Punta Mira congregation voted to terminate the rental and move out, since we can’t effectively use it. We will continue to search (as possible) for a property to BUY, when we need it, in the Lord’s time.

It’s all about timing these days. A week into the new school year here, authorities announced another indefinite Phase 1 (strict lockdown) for Coquimbo. May God enable us, like Daniel, to be good examples, seek the open windows (of opportunity), and pray faithfully. Whether it’s 60 days again…or 70. I hope not 70 years!

On a personal note… Summer recently ended here, and it was quiet for us out in the country! After our vehicle broke down the first part of February, we didn’t get in any beach walks, thank-you barbecues, or building progress. BUT the Lord provided rides for appointments and groceries and the needed car parts after six weeks… just in time for the new quarantine.

Thanks for passing this letter on to those who don’t have email or cannot access the Southern Sentinel blog. We won’t be able to make the trek to the Post Office for a while!

Please pray for wisdom in travel decisions, that the church will be able to find a “permanent” home, for church ministries, endurance through all the online instead of in-person meetings, and for new believers.


Bible Institute Construction Progressing in Pumalal

It is fascinating to watch the various buildings coming together on the Bible Institute property in Pumalal, Chile. Hopefully with one more semester’s time in construction, the property will be able to accommodate students.

They have been able to make excellent progress despite COVID lockdowns and material shortages. Here is a visual idea of some of the progress: